A Word From The Publisher

Tara completing editing on TWWT in Sara’s Garden

Tara completing editing on TWWT in Sara’s Garden

Reading this remarkable text through several times in my duties as editor has deepened my realization of the Goddess as immanent, ubiquitous and traceable through countless thousands of years of human spiritual expressions. This awareness has underlined my conviction that we had to self-publish TWWT in order to get this work out beyond the censorship of the corporate considerations and male bias which we ran into in our attempts to find a commercial publisher.

My contribution of funding this project is offered in loving memory of my mother, who died on Thanksgiving Day, 2000 from a car crash which I survived -- an event which forever changed my life and my sense of what life is all about. It is about using whatever power we have to effect positive change in how the human race behaves on this planet. Thanks to her legacy, it has become my power to manifest this remarkable accomplishment of Flash and Vogel which aims to do just that - offer people a new way.

As editor I have endeavored to set forth the text in the clearest possible form, including use of a type face one point larger than the standard, to ease reading for aging eyes. I have also compiled an index for maximum accessibility to the vast amount of information offered. My final contribution has been to provide for eco-feminist packaging of our product. To avoid stuffing the landfills with more chemicals and cardboard, after long months of creative thought and challenging arrangements, our packaging consists in a minimum of shrink wrap and a band which can be cut into several bookmarks.

Silk pouches from PARSA

Silk pouches from PARSA

In the multicultural, matriarchal spirit of TWWT, each set may include an imported silk pouch, that holds both book and deck together. The pouches are dyed in brilliant purples and other colors, woven and sewn and possibly embroidered especially for TWWT by a cooperative of women in Kabul, Afghanistan -- my erstwhile home. These women have survived the onslaught of ongoing patriarchal battling and devastating controls. They are trying to rebuild their lives. As they help us, we help them. My dream is that they will continue to find outlets for their creative arts as a result of this publicity. While the pouches may be reordered if necessary through Flash's Moon Market, a "Parsa Kit" of our Afghan sisters’ other wares is available directly through their web page at: www.parsa-afghanistan.org

Blessings to Flash for her inspiration and unflagging dedication and for welcoming me as an integral part of production, and to Vogel for her vision and talent. I feel blessed to be part of this worthy endeavor, and I trust all who encounter The Wise Woman’s Tarot will also feel blessed. As Flash’s song goes: Blessings! Blessings! Fallin’ like rain...

Blessed be!

Tara Allen

Wise Woman's Tarot

Wise Women's TarotSpiral-bound: 180 pages Publisher: Moonfox Productions (October 31, 2002) The Wise Woman's Tarot is a multicultural, matriarchal book with colorful companion deck. It celebrates the global female lineage in 78 powerful images. Flash Silvermoon's scintillating text and densely symbolic card designs are rooted in the body of ancient esoteric knowledge. Together they make r/evolutionary inroads More Info »
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