The New Shamanic Wise Woman's Spread


By Flash Silvermoon and Aphrodite Le Fay

In honor of the Wise Woman's Tarot's 10th Anniversary we have created a brand new layout that will take you infinitely deeper into your path than before as we take our space on the Sacred Spiral.

 Alright let's try out this new spread and see how it actually works! This is a reading for Maria Le Mer.


 1.Mind -Fertility -Ah sweet honey Lady Oshun is offering you Love.You are getting back to a sensual, creative place in your soul. A deep healing has taken place and you are now ready to embrace a more vibrant part of yourself and the world.
2.Body -Transformation - You are going through a tremendous overhaul physically and on all levels which required that you allow other parts that were dying and not serving you to fall by the wayside or just not hold the place of importance that they once did.Enjoy your Liberation!
3. Spirit -The Universe -Talk about Liberation, honey you are flying. You have been wanting to spread your wings spiritually for sometime and you have graduated. Whatever  skills you have been honing, you have reached a culmination of energies and you have reached a brand new level on your Sacred Spiral. I believe that some physical travel will be possible too and not just the  astral kind.
4. Past Influence - 3 of Cups - Sisterhood has been a strong influence in your past and perhaps there have been some conflicts where you may have felt like your energies were either not appreciated or taken for granted. I believe that you made some corrections around this and placed more limits so that this would not continue.
5. Present Influences - 4 of Cups - Perhaps the issue that I was just describing has left you feeling a little bereft and even somewhat rejected. Sometimes saying no is a very powerful place to be and I think that you are feeling the sting of  creating a necessary boundary but it can still hurt a bit.
6. Immediate Future - Seeker of Cups -Wow what a grouping! First you had the 3 of Cups then the 4, and now you are getting a much better offer and treatment because you shared your true feelings and made a boundary also. The new energies and possibilities coming your way are wonderful take  the brass ring.
7. The Wild Card the Trickster - 5 of wands - ooh a bit of chaotic energy. Some unexpected tensions have gotten in your way and you find that argumentative folks seem to be everywhere and messing with your routine. Sometimes this is just a release on their part and do';t take it too seriously. This is also a message to not let the opinions of the small minded ruffle your smooth groove. You know better.
8. Hidden Challenges - 3 of Wands -Patience sister. I know that you want to progress as quickly as possible but sometimes blocks create a perfect timing that you wouldn't have other wise. You will have what you want and need at the right time.
9. Ancestral Helpers - 2 of Swords - Again I see that your energies are being hampered and all paths are not always appropriate . You are dodging a bullet here not literally but your Ancestors will literally block your path if it is not the right one for you and this is a blessing. You con;t always have to learn the hard way.
10. The Journey -10 0f Cups - What a lovely journey it is too. I love this card and it represents another culmination of a blissfully happy relationship with a lover and or family. Contentment, all is in its rightful place and you are feeling joy down to your toes. I feel a dance coming on and music playing.
11. Your Mission - Shaman of Cups- Seems as though there is some healing needed for an important male or someone who has soft male energy. Trust may be an issues here so do trust your instincts they will be speaking loud and clear. Trust is really your main work right now. The key of course is trusting yourself after that, the rest becomes simple. I notice that you have had a lot of cups in this reading so  the emotions are key for you now.Dealing with the emotions is like looking through the water, objects and things can become distorted when looking through the lens of the emotional waters so take your time and go with your first response.
12. The Outcome of Your Quest -  4 of Pentacles - Holding on to what is yours. At first glance this suggests a possible selfishness however this is not the truth in your case. This is you discovering and acknowledging your self worth in all occasions. You have worked hard to have YOUR OWN and you now cherish this hard won GIFT and the gift is you, you are blessed with your precious self on your own terms and what a special woman you are, a blessing to all that you know.
Blessed Be   Flash Silvermoon  OK Now You Try!