Oct 26, 2010

Maiden of Wands Image – White Buffalo Woman

Maiden of Wands Image - White Buffalo Woman

She was the sacred woman who brought secret knowledge to the Oglala Sioux. “She would appear clad in white, her clothes embroidered with porcupine quills in exquisite patterns.” She captivated the people when she entered their village. Walking seven times around the central fire, she spoke to them, giving them a bag containing a sacred pipe and teaching them the ceremonies that went with these objects. She reminded the Sioux of the mysteries of their mother, the earth, urging them always to honor her. She would then disappear in the shape of a white buffalo. She is shown clasping a magical pouch and sacred pipe in one hand with the wand as a ritual staff in the other. A rawhide crescent hangs from her waist. The phantom white buffalo fades over a mesa in the background. She is a devoted messenger, magical communicator and keeper of ancestral knowledge.

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