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Once upon a time, some of my Tarot students asked me to write a "how-to" on the Tarot; they liked the way I taught and made the subject come alive for them. Their encouragement supported me in setting out on what was to become a journey to realize a dream, that of birthing The Wise Woman’s Tarot. I have been an ardent student and teacher of the Tarot for over 30 years. This project has been my lifework spanning some 25 years from conception to completion. My vision was to create a powerful deck that would illustrate the global nature of the Feminine Lineage while providing an exceedingly useful tool for divination and empowerment. My research took me deeply into matriarchal herstory and esoterica, and the mythological heritage of more than one hundred cultures the world over.

As I was completing my text and designs of The Wise Woman’s Tarot deck, artist Barbara Vogel joined me, to give visual shape to the images described in the text. She was able to capture the inherent power and beauty of the Goddess in her many guises. We shared a fruitful collaboration resulting in the visual images of the cards themselves. I can see how the project has contributed positively to her life - as it has to mine, supporting her in developing further as the powerful artist she is.

Once the paintings were complete, Tara Allen photographed each one within a black template, and I was able to start using the photos as cards for doing readings. What a difference I have felt using my deck as distinct from other decks! No one awaits the publication of The Wise Woman’s Tarot more eagerly than I. Impatient as time dragged on without publication, I now realize we have been working on Goddess time all along. These past few years using my deck have allowed me to get to know each card individually, and how they work in dynamic interactions.

During production of this project, Tara has worked beside me helping me tie up the loose ends. She has put in months of tireless editing, drawing on her long background in English teaching and writing. Her voice has been that of the novice; a useful foil for my three decades of experience, her inexperience has served as a measuring stick to make this work accessible to the general reader as well as useful to the adept. With Joy Glanzer, Tara worked out the layout of the text and with Paul LeBlanc, she designed the frames -- their colors and embedded symbolism -- which set the cards off so beautifully.

Dedicated as we have all been to manifesting TWWT, we three sisters have merely been instruments of the Triple Goddess -- the real force behind this book and deck. The Wise Woman’s Tarot represents another rung on the ladder to higher consciousness. Enjoy the journey!

Wise Woman's Tarot

Wise Women's TarotSpiral-bound: 180 pages Publisher: Moonfox Productions (October 31, 2002) The Wise Woman's Tarot is a multicultural, matriarchal book with colorful companion deck. It celebrates the global female lineage in 78 powerful images. Flash Silvermoon's scintillating text and densely symbolic card designs are rooted in the body of ancient esoteric knowledge. Together they make r/evolutionary inroads More Info »
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