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Flash Silvermoon has been a mover and shaker in the Women's Spirituality Movement since the early 1970s, and is still stirring the collective cauldron at every available opportunity. Being a double Pisces with a Cancer rising, she was drawn to metaphysical study at an early age -- "drafted by the cosmos" as she puts it. Organized religion was never her cup of tea; Flash's anarchistic spirit and compassionate conscience led her into movement work ... the peace movement, the civil rights movement, the women's movement, lesbian and gay rights activism, anti-nuclear organizing, animal rights initiatives and more. In short, if it was moving to guarantee rights and redress wrongs, she was there. The women's spirituality movement was a perfect fusion for her spiritual and political leanings.

In 1975 Flash moved from New York City to Melrose, Florida where she now lives and works serving the Gainesville community and surround. The beauty of the country with its peaceful atmosphere has been her haven, enabling her to create, write, and dive more deeply into her spiritual work. Her practice, which she calls transformational counseling, includes Tarot readings, psychic readings, astrology, past life regression, stone healing, gem elixirs, flower essence therapy, animal communication, and women's magic and ritual. She creates her own gem elixirs and gemstone "power tools" for healing and with "TWWT" she has created her own Tarot deck, now shared with all.

Flash Silvermoon

Flash also offers classes and gives lectures and slide shows on many of these subjects. For ten years, she wrote the astrological section for "Of a Like Mind", an international women's spiritual newspaper. Her work has been widely published in local and national metaphysical and feminist periodicals. In addition, she has been a featured psychic on several local call-in radio shows. She contributes generously of her time and talents to fundraisers for many causes. In 1990 and several times thereafter, Flash was inspired to organize "Womanspirit Rising". With three other priestesses of different traditions she created a circle of over 350 spiritual women to honor all the ancient mothers and elevate planetary energy.

Being a true shaman, Flash blends her spiritual life with her creative life; she has been a professional musician for over 35 years. At this point, the music and the magic have dove-tailed into several tapes and CDs, some for meditation and relaxation, others "to get your groove on and rock the house".

Over the past 12 years Flash's healing work with animals has expanded. "It's been refreshing to spend more time communicating with the four-leggeds. They are my teachers and I love them dearly."

Flash has several new works in progress, including her latest, "Lifetime Companions", about her experiences with reincarnation and communication with her animal familiars.

Wise Woman's Tarot

Wise Women's TarotSpiral-bound: 180 pages Publisher: Moonfox Productions (October 31, 2002) The Wise Woman's Tarot is a multicultural, matriarchal book with colorful companion deck. It celebrates the global female lineage in 78 powerful images. Flash Silvermoon's scintillating text and densely symbolic card designs are rooted in the body of ancient esoteric knowledge. Together they make r/evolutionary inroads More Info »
Price: $39.95

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