Global Goddesses of the Tarot: The Wise Woman's Tarot Workshop

This year, Flash Silvermoon will especially focus on the many Goddess images in The Wise Woman's Tarot and their sacred mythology. Come learn all about the magic and mystery of the Wise Woman's Tarot. We will explore and deepen our knowledge of Tarot Divination as well as a global view of Matriarchal Culture. Learn how to let these amazing cards literally speak to you. Decks will be available for purchase and signing but not essential for the workshop. Flash will also show you a new and unique way to add stone healing to your Tarot Readings! See the Wise Woman's table for WWFest special! Flash will sell autographed sets of  The Wise Woman's Tarot  book and deck half price for only $25

Crystal  Healing for the Body Mind and Spirit 

Master Stone Healer Flash Silvermoon will guide you in discovering the healing power of quartz crystals and gemstones as they gently align and balance your chakras. You can experience deep releases where you are blocked and enjoy a greater overall flow of energy.

Learn the language of the subtle and not so subtle magic of the mineral world with an emphasis on the hi-vibrational members of the rock-world. Flash will show you how to make gem elixirs and to use grids as a tool for healing yourself, animals and the planet.

A large selection of hi-vibration stones, plenty of old faves and jewelry will be available for sale at the Wise Woman's Table in Isis - Flash's Table

Creating Sacred Relationships With Animals

Flash Silvermoon will help you learn to communicate on a deep and healing level with your animal friends. Get helpful tips on care, feeding and many useful alternative remedies.

Be a better friend to your animal companions by first acknowledging that we are all enlightened beings. After that, all things are possible without it , you will never gain the depth of understanding and connection that you both desire.

Topics include:

* How do we communicate?
* How animals function as our first line of defense and how to really protect them
* Surviving the loss of a pet
* Reincarnation and your critters
* Exercise using photo of pets that are alive as well as those that have passed on
* How to facilitate the return of the spirit of a favorite pet from the past
* Care-feeding and alternative tips using homeopathy, flower essences, gem elixirs, herbs- you will be able to purchase flower essences, gem elixirs, and stones here as well
* How to create a healing grid for you and your furry friends

* What The Animals Tell me - every Wed 8:30-9Pm EST

Magical Mystery Tour to the Goddess

Join Flash and Lacey Nagy on this guided journey to Sacred Goddess Shrines such as Stonehenge, Lesbos, Tibet and more with Flash's Astrological Journeys and evocative space music and Gabrielle's soothing voice.


Lakota Conversational Language

Cathlee - Butterfly Circle Woman will teachLakota conversational language: The extremely important vowels and pronounciation key of he Lakota Language and beginning common conversational phrases to help get you started in speaking Lakota.

Lakota Spirituality will cover the Seven Sacred Rites of the Lakota Sioux and discuss various aspects of the history of the Lakota.



Lakota Spirituality

Cathlee - Butterfly Circle Woman will share her many years of knowledge as a Medicine Woman and Sundancer to offer experiential knowledge of Lakota Spirituality. She will cover the Seven Sacred Rites of the Lakota Sioux and discuss various aspects of the history of the Lakota.

The Living Water Workshop:

Love, Life, Gratitude, Healing and Intent-- Anita Stewart presents the element of Water is all of that and MORE! Global Water Policy affects people all over the world. As the Earth's next great precious commodity after oil, this precious life sustaining element is becoming politicized, polluted and directed to decimate lands and populations on a huge scale by our leaders. And the planet's global supply is quickly diminishing. What can we do in our local communities to protect our water? As Wise Women we will be discussing this element, actions we can take and saying prayers of protection and blessings for water. Please bring a small bottle of water from your local area and we wil  lmingle them in one bowl in a special ceremony called Waters of the World.                                              

Blessing the Land

First things first! Amber Dancing Deer will lead us in a Blessing of the Land to consecrate our Sacred Space honoring our ancestors, all our relations, as well as the earth, plants and animals.
She will also be one of the Priestesses calling in the Earth Direction and helping with the Lodge.

Connecting with Ancestry Lineage Workshop

Cherie Lyon shows us how! The first step into the future takes place when we dare look into the past. We must look back upon our origins, understand them and thus determine the course of our destiny. Even when we don’t know consciously our lineage we hold a connection subconsciously in our bones.  Our ancestors are vested with mystical powers and authority to stay connected with us. They retain a functional role in the world of the living. The relationship of the ancestors to their lineage can be described as disciplinary, compassionate and sometimes even unpredictable, for they hold the key to the fulfillment of our individuality.

The purpose of this workshop is to honor those in the Spirit world that are part of your Ancestral heritage and to deepen your awareness and connection with them. This interactive workshop will give you the opportunity to invoke your spiritual connection to the ones that came before you.

Items needed to evoke this experience are pictures, heirlooms or symbolic representation of your family history. Also bring anything that represents a connection you feel in your awareness.  For example, you may feel a strong draw towards a region that you have no direct knowing of.  Or a spiritual, religious, cultural, taste or style that you feel drawn towards that is outside of your experiences.   Bring a journal, blanket, pillows, etc to create comfort for yourself during meditation. Gather all your tokens and be prepared to work with them.  There will be opportunities to create place holders for things that might come up during the workshop.

This will be a fun and inspiration experience, be prepared to enjoy yourself and maybe shed some tears.  Peace & Magical Blessings, Cherie Lyon.

Ten of Pentacles Ten of Pentacles - Image - Sabulana

Healing With Sacred Oils

Carol Sweeney will present the individual single notes [eg,rose,cedar,etc] and many blends [e.g., Three Wise Women] in the "Queen's Apothecary" from Earth Angel Oils for all to PLAY with,experiment,and create. She will show you how to make your own private sacred blend. You will leave with a bottle of your creation.

Bring to class: Your intuition, your nose for smelling, and remembering your joy of play


Transform your Personal and Planetary World with the Intentional Candle Practice 

Karen Hill, reiki master/teacher and advanced intentional candle practitioner, teaches the how-to's on beginning an Intentional Candle Practice of programming candle flames for releasing karma, dwelling purification, self healing, and goal manifestation. The results are beyond amazing as this easy-to-learn Spirit Gift initiates evolution of consciousness, increases intuition, and transforms your world. As we consciously evolute, our personal and planetary issues naturally resolve and we walk, talk, and make decisions from a self-actualized place. Be sure to come by to see and feel the immediate transformation from these programmed candle flames. For more information, go to


Making Your Vision A Reality

Lacey Nagy and Kylie Devi will teach you how to “Make Your Vision A Reality” by sharing tools and strategies they teach in their personal seminars. Lacey will show you why we sabotage ourselves when playing big and how to break through your threshold and manifest your vision. Kylie will teach you how to implement marketing strategies that are spiritually aligned with your mission to increase visibility and business, and create the money and time freedom you deserve.


The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

Lacey Nagy will give you a powerful, life changing break-down of "The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity," a book written by globally known prosperity teacher, Edwene Gaines. Lacey promises that these laws will change your life, if you are open to it. Come with an open mind and be prepared to prosper like every goddess deserves.

Thai Massage Bodywork

Ananga Mangari Bauer will teach you about this form of bodywork, also known as Assisted Yoga, Nuad Boran and Thai Yoga Therapy, is an ancient form of therapeutic healing. It combines acupressure, energy balancing, stretching, and applied yoga exercises. A session is a flowing dialog between giver and receiver, similar to a dance or martial arts form. The receiver is passive and completely supported by the giver in several yoga poses. Thai yoga therapy has many benefits including: stress and pain relief, better resistance to injury, improved range of motion, release of toning of internal organs and deep relaxation. Thai massage has been found to be helpful and healing during conception, prenatal, postnatal and menopause. Please bring two yoga mats or a heavy comforter, hand towel and water, if attending.

ZUMBA® Fitness

Ananga Manjari's Zumba® classes combine Latin rhythms and International music into easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away! Once you hear the beat you will want to work out and will  be hooked. Zumba® participants achieve long-term benefits while having FUN in one exciting hour of calorie-burning, body-energizing movements that engage & captivate you for life! No dance experience required. Coordination and motor skills not required, either. ANYONE CAN DO IT! It's designed to be FUN and EASY TO DO! Comfortable exercise clothing, athletic shoes, hand towel and water necessary.

Lakota Sweatlodge

Anna Schwait Morningstar,Lynn Baney Wolfspirit and Amber Dancing Deer will pour a Traditional Lakota style healing sweat lodge for women, bring large beach towel or cotton t-shirt and shorts or skirt to wear in the lodge if you prefer. No bathing suits. Bring a blanket to sit on and you may bring drums for by the fire, tobacco or corn meal offerings are welcome.

This is sacred space, if you want to party stay up in the party area. There will be a sign up sheet at the registration desk,so we will know how many wish to participate. Seating is limited.


No more imitation, processed, chemicalized, pesticide-laden, GMO, de-mineralized or industrial food. What’s left and how does one find it? Explore the delicious possibilities

in the workshop.

Edible & Medicinal Weeds of North Florida

Susan Marynowski will take you on a lovely nature walk.We will wander to examine the food and medicine that is right beneath
our feet and over our heads! We will find, learn to identify, discuss,
and sample common seasonal weeds -- both native and
non-native -- that can be used for their nutritional and medicinal
properties. We will also discuss why it can be important to include wild
foods in the diet. Bring a camera or journal, your water bottle, and
your shady hat.

Acupuncture For the Community

Jenifer Downey will share how Acupuncture For the Community (relating how acupuncture, and specifically the Community Acupuncture model, can be at the forefront of sustainable, locally-based health care reform, as well as support for community healing.Qigong


Jenifer Downey offers a 1-hour "mini-workshop" in qigong, including an introduction to Qi and Qigong, some seated "qi breathing", a segment of standing Level I form, and then a seated healing meditation

Wise Woman’s Meditation Workshop

Pandora C. Lightmoon will lead this one hour workshop which will consist of a discussion about meditation including some myth busting, meditation exercises and a brief question and answer session. Although the workshop is aimed at the beginning meditator, intermediate and advanced meditators are welcome. You will walk away with the tools to set up your own meditation practice or to enhance your current practice. Open to all ages, from girls to crones.


The Red Tent

The idea of the red tent comes from the novel by Anita Diamant., The Red Tent, published in 1997. The red tent symbolizes the private and magical world of women. It is where each girl becomes a woman. But it is more than just a birth and maturity. It is also a sacred gathering place for women.

In the red tent, the women seclude themselves for several days each month, taking time out from their daily duties as mothers and wives to spoil themselves with cakes and rest upon the straw. It is in the tent that they rebuild their bonds to one another. Inside the tent,  women share special songs and stories that only the sisters of the tent are privy to.

Barbara Esrig has put this together for you and will be  helping out from time to time so if you need a fest break or want to have a more intimate space to tell your stories come to the Red Tent.

Please come in and share a story or a song that's about, or is meaningful, to you. We all have experiences, special stories in our lives. And if we don't tell our won't be told!

Tour The Sun Harvest EcoVillage Here at the Teaching Farm

Martina Linnehan and Vinita Burns, residents of Eco House One and Two, will offer a brief overview of the Sun Harvest EcoVillage  -- a demonstration and educational model in sustainable living  --    and a tour of the eco-houses on Sunday AM.  They will try to answer questions regarding the construction of the eco-houses and of  their efforts to live sustainably at the Teaching Farm. The presentation and tour will only be 30 minutes.