In honor of the eighth year, all attendees can purchase the autographed set of The Wise Woman’s Tarot for only $25, save $25!

Please note that once the festival has started, tickets will be $75 - 3 day & $40 - 1 day, at the gate, CASH ONLY

Tickets will be virtual (like a paperless ticket for flights). Your PayPal purchase will email you a confirmation, and a printed list of names will be kept at the gate.

  • $65, three days (in advance), Friday noon to Sunday morning (buy now)
  • $35 for one day only (in advance) (click to buy online)
  • pre-purchase ends April 5th, 2011
  • pre-purchase now with most major credit-cards
  • includes all entertainment, workshops, drum circles & rustic camping
  • please note: on-site tickets purchases will be cash only (at the gate is $75 for 3 days & $40 for 1 day)
  • indicate special needs with payment (in comment section)
  1. Do you want a camping space?
  2. Are you vegan or vegetarian?
  3. Differently Abled? (the site is wheelchair accessible,  signers with advance notice)

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