Flash Silvermoon                                  

Flash Silvermoon has been a mover and shaker in the WomanSpirit Movement nationally and locally since the early 70's and has been stirring the collective cauldron ever since! Flash is a Priestess of the Elizabeth Gould Davis Coven #1, author of The Wise Woman's Tarot Book and Deck, Flash Silvermoon's Planetary Playbook, Temple of Isis, Ebook Janis Joplin and Me 40 Years of Music and Magic, and a nearly completed book about her deep work with animals including information about Reincarnation and our Animals called Lifetime Companions, Love Never Dies.

Flash is a gifted Psychic, Astrologer,Animal communicator and Healer,Master Stone healer, Flower Essence Practitioner, Teacher, musician, Radio Personality and founder of this festival! You can hear Flash's powerful music Saturday night with the Blues Sisters and on of her CD's Flash Silvermoon, or Phases of the Silvermoon.

Hear Flash's radio show What The Animals Tell me - every Wed 8:30-9Pm EST

Cathlee Mozinski -Butterfly Circle Woman

Cathlee Mozinski's Lakota name is Butterfly Circle Woman. She is a Lakota Sundancer of 12 years. She is a bodyworker of some 12 years and taught Massage Therapy in St. Augustine for 2 years. She was the founder and editor of Women to Women News and listed in who's who among Writers, Editors, and Poets. Catlee's teachers include a Seneca Medicine Woman, Mayann Shamaness, Cherokee Shaman, Lakota ceremonies, Spirits and her visions. Cathlee is the former owner of The Native American Shop. Her workshops are Lakota Spirituality, and Conversational Lakota Language which she is teaching in Jacksonville and will soon be teaching in Keystone Heights FL.

Anita Stewart                                         

Anita is a licensed medical professional, artist, writer, blogger photographer, New Media and Virtual Outreach expert. Anita is a USAF veteran and worked as an Intelligence Operations Specialist in the US and in Europe. She studied English, Film, Poli Sci and Journalism in college and has worked with the Tampa Bay Veterans for Peace, Code Pink Tampa Bay and the Tampa Bay Indymedia Collective.

Anita was one of the first organizers for HANDS ACROSS THE SAND, a global initiative to stop offshore oil drilling and promote energy alternatives. From 2006 until 2008 Anita was on staff for two presidential campaigns, Kucinich (D) and McKinney (G). Anita was just recently elected to the Hillsborough County (Tampa Metro) Soil and Water Conservation Board, Seat 5.

Anita has been a follower of the Goddess for many years and works with Healing in various modalities, including Reiki and Energy Work, and is adept with Tarot and Astrology. She also works with Hospice patients in the Tampa Bay area. She has devoted most of the last year to being a protectress of the local waters and getting the truth out through independent media about the continuing ecocide and genocide happening in the Gulf of Mexico region.

Venus Jones

Author, Poet and Feminist, Venus Jones will share her story through the art of performance poetry.   She's the author of four CDs and the book  "She Rose."  Her messages promote peace, diversity, liberty and justice.
Prepare for a memorable experience as people are moved to  laughter,  tears or both. She energizes, captivates, educates and enlightens by bringing words to life in a unique way.
This spoken word specialist and performance poet has been published in numerous journals and anthologies and she's an Austin International Poetry Festival slam finalist, accomplished actress and two time Onyx award nominee.

She offers the listener a variety of voices and tones. She can preach as well as be sassy. Her topics range from hair, to skin color and interracial relationships. Many of these topics have been discussed before but Venus uses her talent to keep things fresh. This alone shows that Venus is not willing to be simply another poetic planet. Look for this woman to continue to shine, to bring more brightness and remind us of why we have eyes."

Author of “She Rose”/Actress/Model/Poet/Voice
"A star that's down to Earth"
Phone:  813.863.1155
Visit Venus at: official site , Facebook, MySpace

Amber Dancing Deer

Amber Dancing Deer, Ph. D. is an educator, percussionist, initiated witch, shamanic practitioner, and energy healer.


Cherie Lyon is a Sage High Priestess, Shamanic Reiki Master, Facilitator and Spiritual Coach.  As a body worker she integrates body-centered techniques with vibrational healing, acupressure, and mindfulness. She also conducts empowerment workshops, rituals, ceremonies and the path of the healer circle.
Through her devotion to the survival of the ancient mystery knowledge, Cherie’s mission is to promote, educate and support others for a wholistic mind, body, and spirit. Her soul intention is to honor the tribal practice and Shamanic art of healing by aligning with nature.

Cherie is from Chicago and makes her home in the greater Atlanta, GA area. She is available to facilitate anywhere in the country. She is also certified to facilitate the Natural Rhythms™ and Practical Priest~ess™ programs, and functions part time as assistant to the director of Natural Rhythms.  At the Spiritual Salon Temple she is an Awareness Insight Ministry Ordained High Priestess Elder.

The powerful juice that creates the threads from our ancestors is what keeps us thriving,
creative and delicious even when we don't feel it. Give gratitude to that foundation.
When I Dream I Dream in Color
Cherie Lyon
Sage High Priestess, Spiritual Coach & Shamanic Reiki Master

Spiritual Salon LLC
P.O. Box 686
Avondale Estates, GA 30002
(404) 735-9631

Carol Sweeney - Songdancer

Carol Sweeney's adopted Seneca Name is Song Dancer and she is a traveling Wolf Clan teacher from the Flaming Feathers Lodge in Friendship, Texas. Honored as a peace Elder at Wolfsong,Carol shares the Teachings of the Peacemakers and guides others in the making of their own Rainbow Path. Carol is also a holistic nurse, massage therapist,aromatherapist,teacher of healing Water Treatments. She has ritually CO-createdHummingbird Medicines on the Rainbow Path, opulent aromatherapy blends for vibrational healing

Omi Aladora Ajamu Priest of Yemonja

Omi Aladora Ajamu is a woman of great magic, music and power. She is a Yoruba Priest of Yemanja and founding mother of the African Connection an African Cultural performance group.

She and her family are part of the First Wave of Yoruba Priests that brought the Yoruba,[West African] Culture to the U.S. creating the Oyotungi African Village in Sheldon S.C.We are very fortunate that Omi and her family have resettled in Gainesville, Fl.

She worked in the early days with Martin Luther King as part of the Poor People’s March and was a lead in the Broadway production of Hair.

In addition she is a gifted Psychic and divines with the African Shells. She will be offering readings here at her booth.Omi is also part of the Blues Sisters as well as her own jazz band The Omi Aladora Ajamu Trio.

This year Omi will be doing the Ife shell readings especially for you. See her at her vending space and make your appointment fees to be discussed.

Workshop Goddesses of the Orisha Omi offered this wkshp last year.

This workshop will introduce you to the magic and mystery of the Orisha, the Yoruba Goddesses… Yemanja, Oshun, Oya and others. Learn some of the chants and rituals of this ancient and very ALIVE cultu

Marian Andrews

Marian Andrews will be the facilitator of this event.  Marian has been walking and creating labyrinths since the turn of this millennium- (December 31, 2000).  A former member of the labyrinth Society, Marian has guided hundreds of travelers through the labyrinth and to their inner place of peace and wisdom for more than ten years.  An astrologer for more than 40 years, Marian’s connection to the Divine, and sharing this relationship with others, is her primary intention.

Karen Hil

Karen Hill is passionate about living an authentic life based on the sacred feminine as an awakening woman and evolutionary.  She is an earthkeeper, reiki master/teacher, and intentional candle practitioner/coach. Specializing in transformational energy, she works with the land, water, animals, relationships, group dynamics, and authentic marketing. She is currently studying to work with women and children.

Karen has been a student and practitioner for 11 years. She mastered both Usui and Tera Mai reiki with Rev. Sunemaura O'Brien and mentored with earthkeeper/wise woman Darlene White Morning Glory. Most recently she has been working with Gabrielle Alizay and studying with Flash Silvermoon. To cultivate her relationship and feminine leadership skills, Karen is mastering the Feminine Power and Calling In The One evolutionary practices and studying with the Awakening Women Institute.


Kylie Devi

Kylie Devi is co-founder of ThirdEyeSpoken Productions, a holistic practitioner, and marketing educator for the healing community. She holds a private practice in Gainesville, FL and teaches a five week course called “Visionary Leadership and Online Strategy.” For more info, visit

Lacey Nagy

Lacey Nagy is the founder of Prosperous Living Seminars and Women, Vision & Prosperity, a ten week seminar series designed to help women manifest their vision. She is also the co-founder of ThirdEyeSpoken Productions. Lacey holds a private Life Coaching-Hypnotherapy practice in Gainesville, FL and organizes transformational seminars through Satvatove Institute. For more info, visit

Rev. Dr. Lacey Nagy, CHt
Transformational Life Coach
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Event Planner
(352) 514-3122

Ananga-manjari Bauer

Ananga-manjari has been practicing hatha and bhakti-yoga for 15 years under the instruction of her spiritual teacher Swami Krishnapada, who initiated her into the Vaisnava lineage as a priestess. She is a graduate of Cultural Anthropology, certified Integral Yoga Teacher, Doula & Childbirth Educator, Breastfeeding Counselor, Reiki master-teacher and Ayurvedic Thai Bodywork Practitioner. Her specialty is in teaching prenatal, postpartum and women’s yoga. She has created a style of yoga she calls Purnasya, meaning “Whole Being”. It incorporates aspects of Integral yoga, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Ecstatic movement and Belly dance.

Most recently, she has taught as an adjunct professor at Camden College in Southern, New Jersey for three years, at the renowned Yoga Child in Philadelphia, for the March of Dimes and at the Women’s Gathering in Medford, NJ. She is currently teaching yoga at the University of Florida and from her home studio, Whole Beings Wellness, in Alachua. For further information about Ananga-manjari please visit

Woody Blue

For the past 20 years, Woody has facilitated workshops, led discussion groups, and given lectures on such topics as creativity, vision and perception, nonviolence, nutrition, alternative healing, planetary thinking, and various health topics. "Mixing scientific thinking with abstract, non-linear thinking feeds my curiosity and pushes me to challenge my belief systems. The more creatively I think, the more I push 'reality's' boundaries and vice versa."

"For me, life is a labyrinth of ideas and experiences, which resides in the physical world. The joy and passion for life dwells in the sense of adventure one achieves in walking this path."

Woody presently lives in Gainesville, Florida. She is a licensed massage therapist, a certified holistic health counselor, a lifelong peace activist, writer, and a flamboyant fiber artist

Susan Marynowski

Susan Marynowski (M.S.) grew up in north Florida. She holds degrees from
UF in fine arts and wildlife ecology, with an emphasis on public
education. Susan has pursued a passionate interest in native plants and
has been a student and practitioner of herbal medicine for 20+ years,
having studied with Susun Weed, Billie Potts, Tieraona LowDog, David
Winston, and other esteemed herbalists. Susan is a member of the
American Herbalists Guild and has a small herbal practice in
Gainesville. She would like to share with you her special passion for
the edible and medicinal weeds of North Florida!

Jenifer Downey

Jennifer Downey, A.P., Dipl.O.M.. (NCCAOM) is a licensed Acupuncture Physician practicing Japanese acupuncture and Oriental medicine in Gainesville, interweaving both Eastern and Western energetic and herbal healing modalities. Co-founder of Gainesville Community Acupuncture, Jennifer has worked in a community treatment setting through Alachua County Drug Court since 2003, treating addiction with acupuncture.

She is a graduate of Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine, and is licensed in the State of Florida as an Acupuncture Physician (AP1673). She is nationally board-certified in acupuncture and in Chinese herbology. She continues advanced training in the Japanese Toyohari style of acupuncture, which utilizes gentle, non-invasive needling techniques

In addition to her acupuncture practice, she is an instructor of Qigong, Oriental Medical Theory and Chinese Herbology at the Florida School of Massage, Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine, and the Academy of Five-Element Acupuncture in Gainesville, Florida. She maintains ongoing studies in both Taoist and Japanese meridian therapies, western and Chinese herbs, and energetic healing.
Jenn takes great delight in sharing her enormous enthusiasm for natural healing. When she is not teaching, treating patients, or playing music with her friends, she can be found in the woods, enjoying the beauty of nature in North Florida.

Pandora C. Lightmoon

Pandora C. Lightmoon has studied and practiced various methods of meditation for 40 years. Eight of those years was spent studying Siddha (or Meditation) Yoga. An extended stay at the Siddha Yoga ashram in Ganeshpuri, India dramatically deepened her meditation experience. "Meditation is the one thing in my life that has consistently given me access to the deep contentment and joy that connects me to the Goddess within." Pandora also had a band with Flash Silvermoon in the 70's and early 80's called Medusa in which she played flute, alto sax and harmonica. She will be jamming with Flash and the Blues Sisters at the Festival as well.

Flash Silvermoon and the Blues Sisters

Flash Silvermoon and the Blues Sisters are a dynamic all-female rock and blues band. Their sound has been exciting and elevating audiences nationally, and they have a strong following in the Gainesville, Florida, area performing regularly at the University Club, Downtown Plaza concerts and other venues. Flash’s newly released CD is receiving rave revues from fans old and new. The current Blues Sisters Band features Flash Silvermoon on vocals, keyboards, drum synth, and Djembe drum; Omi Aladora Ajamu on vocals, keyboards, and African percussion; and Denise Burnsed on bass, vocals, and guitar.

Their music is eclectic, rootsy and very danceable. Flash and the Blues Sisters’ repertoire is as wide as their collective experiences. Original tunes such as Dream the Dream of Freedom, Standing On the Edge of Time, Dancin’ With the Snake, or Round and Round are crowd pleasers. Styles vary from rock and blues, jazz and funk, reggae and afro-beat!! They can get the place grooving with a funky version of Lady Marmalade, soothe them with a sensual version of Fever, give props to the Divas with Natural Woman, summon up the Spirits of Marley w/ No Woman No Cry, Hendrix w/ Little Wing or All Along the Watchtower, and Janis with Flash’s electrifying performance of Piece Of My Heart! Of course, no Blues Sisters show would be complete without a heaping helping of the Blues served up hot and sassy. Come out and experience the magic of Flash Silvermoon and the Blues Sisters…they will make your day or night memorable.


Flash Silvermoon is a force of nature, a keyboard wizard extraordinaire with a powerful vocal style likened to Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, and Bonnie Raitt. However, Flash is an original, playing music that spans many styles yet always making her own statement. In addition to her vocals and multi-keyboard duties, Flash plays the Djembe (African drum) like a woman on fire with the Spirits.

Flash moved to Florida from NYC 26 years ago and was part of the burgeoning Women’s Music Scene there stirring the musical/cultural/political cauldron for many Moons. She led the bands Sister, Flash in the Pan, and Medusa from NYC and toured with Medusa up and down the East Coast through the Mid West to the Michigan Women’s Music Festival. She has performed with artists as diverse as Kay Gardner, June Millington, Nuru, Karen Beth, Edwina Lee Tyler, Zoe Lewis, Ubaka Hill, and many others. As a teenager on the Jersey shore, Flash even jammed with a very young Bruce Springsteen in the day when women rockers were really scarce.
Like Omi, Flash is also a Priestess, Psychic Healer and Teacher; in addition, she is a gifted Astrologer and author of the Wise Woman’s Tarot Deck and Book and Flash Silvermoon’s Planetary Playbook, Janis Joplin and Me: 40 Years of Music and Magic e book, Lifetime Companions: Love Never Dies, Temple of Isis.

Omi Aladora Ajamu is a Priest of Yemanja in the Yoruba tradition, the religion of ancient Nigeria. She has worked in the Civil Rights Movement with Martin Luther King, starred in Hair and has been a mover and a shaker in many cultural and political groups to benefit people of color, women, and the evolution of the planet. In her own words from her song, “Sky Lady,” she’s an “Extra-Terrestrial, Multi-Dimensional Celestial Being.” Omi’s voice is deep and rich and comes straight from her soul. Whether invoking Yemanja with agogo and chant or soaring through All Along the Watchtower, this blues sister will reach in and touch your heart. She and Flash trade off leads and blend like exotic spices simmering together to create a gumbo fit for a Queen!

Denise Burnsed handles bass, and backup vocals and she has played on and off with Flash for over 30 years!
She’s a musician’s musician performing in various bands such as Ms. Behavin from Jacksonville, Florida. Her smooth vocal harmonies and strong bass moves and adds the finishing touch to the lineup.


Flash and Omi co-facilitate a workshop called Women’s Spirituality: A Celebration of Drums, Chants, Mojos, and Magic. They are also available by appointment for readings. Flash Silvermoon reads the Tarot and does Astrological Readings as well. You will need a chart or have her calculate one in advance. Omi Aladora reads the African Shells and is a potent medium.