This year I dedicate the festival to all the women who have continued to participate and support this festival as well as all the wonderful new women who are giving us a welcome jolt of new energy and n ow I must sadly dedicate this festival above all to my dearest Chinamoon also known as The Mare Goddess who had to leave us this Thursday and there are no words for the

hole she has left in my life and heart. Chinamoon this one is for you espeially.

I dedicate the festival to the Earth, THE GREAT MOTHER AS SHE GOES THROUGH HER CHANGES!  We all must roll with the shifts and changes and support Her as well as ourselves and this is no small feat!

Remember too that we have all our relations and all of our friends on the other side cheering us on as we become the Midwives of this New World we are co-creating.

Thank you Tara Silverfox, Cherie McArthur, Cathleen Carter, Barbara Vogel, Brenda Henson, Merlin Stone, Marion Weinstein, Monica Sjoo, Jill Johnston, Mary Daly, Elizabeth Gould Davis, Janis Joplin, and so many of our sisters, mothers, and lovers who help us hold the space from other dimensions. We stand on your shoulders.

Blessed Be,