Animal Communication

   Flash Silvermoon can see, hear, and feel what your animals are experiencing  She has a deep and intuitive relationship with all animals. Flash's psychic gifts which she has honed for some 45 years allow her to tune into their special needs and emotions.
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Appointments can be made to see Flash in her home office at Moonhaven in Melrose, 20 Min East of Gainesville, and phone consults are available for those who need them. A full session is an hr. and 1/2 hr sessions are available for phone readings only. Ideally send me a photo by email or otherwise for a phone reading  if you can. Call for easy directions. email - You can pay for your phone appointments here @ the MOONMARKET on

Classes and seminars on Animal Communication are  available too!

Animals speak to Flash directly about their behavior, needs and symptoms and through many levels of communication sometimes including their past life connections and incarnations., Flash is able to suggest solutions for their care and well-being that are specifically tailored for your pet’s needs.

Let Flash Silvermoon help you have a deeper understanding of your animal companions as well as help them live more fulfilled and harmonious lives.

One of the hardest things about loving animals is the fact that we usually outlive them. Flashes extreme sensitivity and many years of loving animals herself enables her to help you through the deep process of grieving for your wonderful companions who know how to give unconditional love. She can also help you reconnect with them and know how, when, and where to meet them again and sometimes, what they will look like.

Flash uses Green Hope Farms Flower Essences, Earth Angels Essential Oils,Homeopathy, and her own Silvermoon Gem Elixirs to assist animals and their people in healing.

She has a good reputation for finding missing pets which she admits is the very hardest thing that she does.
Also read her BLOG Flashes of Insight for loads of great animal stores of healing and inspiration

Flash Silvermoon’s remarkable work with soothing the bodies,minds, and spirits of the beloved animals includes treating tigers, lions,bears, deer and primates at EARS Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary ,primates at  as well as many horses.

When Katrina left thousands of homeless wounded creatures to fend for themselves, Flash joined in the local effort to provide emotional and spiritual healing and comfort to the many dogs taken in as well as the rescuers.

Hear Flash Silvermoon every Wed. 8:30-9PM EST on her ground breaking internet talk show:

* What The Animals Tell Me *

Nationally renown Animal Communicator,Vibrational Healer,Psychic, Author, and Musician, Flash Silvermoon presents this wonderful show devoted to bringing people and animals into greater harmony.*

Flash shares her amazing experiences as an Animal Communicator and offers everything that you might want to know about the world of animals from care, healing, feeding and most importantly understanding. To listen to the live broadcast call: 1-6055623140~~Enter Access code: 244850#
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Lifetime Companions: Love Never Dies, is Flashes latest book about the healing work she has done with her animals as well as special tales of healing within animal sanctuaries.These stories are both heart warming and amazing and will give you insight and tips on how to help your own companion animals through alternative healing methods and communication.

Another focus of this work is the particular relationship of reincarnation and our animals.

Flash explains, “This knowledge can go a long way towards healing the pain that we all feel when we lose these important parts of our families . Knowing that our beloved animals can and do want to return to us has been a tremendous healing for me and I want to share this with other animal lovers.”

An excerpt from Lifetime Companions, called, “Living With the Mare Goddess Chinamoon”, is featured in an anthology called Angel Horses: Divine Messengers of Hope.
See more about Flash Silvermoon and her profound work with the animals on FB now listed unfortunately under the name of Deborah Kotler or Friends Who Like Flash Silvermoon

Animal Communication & Vibrational Healing Workshops

Learn to communicate on a deep and healing level with your animal friends. Get helpful tips on care, feeding and many useful alternative remedies.


Be a better friend to your pets! CLASSES TBA


Topics include:

  • How do we communicate?
  • An exercise to tune in using a photo of your pet
  • How animals function as our first line of defense
  • Surviving the loss of a pet
  • Reincarnation and your critters
  • Exercise using photo of pets that have passed on
  • How to facilitate the return of the spirit of a favorite pet from the past
  • Care/feeding and alternative tips using homeopathy, flower essences, gem elixirs, herbs
  • Question and answer session
  • How to create a healing grid for you and your furry friends

Animal Communication 1/2 hr session - $40 by phone only

Animal Communication 1 hr session - $75

An Animal Communication Story from Flash

Cherie and Cathleen came by after I visited them at the Coffee Shoppe today and I dowsed some flower essences for them and their cat Missy. It was amazing how inter-connected Cathleen was with the different remedies for Missy!! I asked that they both share the same bottle of essences. This is actually not so uncommon between and animal and their 2 legged partner. It will be very interesting to watch those changes unfold as the flowers work their magic unraveling old and outworn patterns and making room for 2 freer spirits.

Let's see, my pendulum made a clockwise motion when I placed it over these combinations from the Greenhope Farms Animal Essences as well as some other single essences: Watch Your Back,which is good for the back and all its chakras as well as the obvious admonition,Run and Play,which they both need to do,Abandonment and Abuse, which both of them have been,giving rise to Neediness which neither shows,and Arbor Garden so that they may both feel like they are being held by angels as they go through their process of healing. As an update, I can tell you that both Cathleen and Missy are making simply amazing shifts and Cherie says Missy is like a new cat! Love to hear that kind of progress , and it is quite common too.

Animals don't sit around thinking,"hmm did the AMA prescribe this or support that and what are the credentials of the weirdo swinging that pendulum around?" More likely, they would be thinking,"Wow cool toy swinging around the bottles and YES, I feel that tingling down to my paws!!" That's why you can and do see instant results sometimes with an animal or child as they have no inner resistance or dialogue getting in the way of immediate healing. I always say that Flower Essences grease the wheel for change, and that's how it works as these natural healers lay the groundwork in our energy fields for our most needed profound changes.

At one of my recent healing demos at Earth Pets,which is a very upscale wholistic pet food shop,a very rattled customer was seeking help for her little mini-poodle who she would be taking with her on a plane the next day. It was unclear just who was the most nervous about the whole thing so I gave one drop to the poodle and zzzzzzzzz, the little frantic ball of fur went instantly to sleep in her owners lap to the amazement of all in the store. I figured that the little one was probably also absorbing the nervousness of her owner and gave the woman a few drops as well for good measure. Ahhhhhh yes, another peaceful satisfied customer. We rarely get such instant gratification in life so when it comes I just love it!

Flash also makes Gem Elixirs and uses them. . Flash channels Spirit to make Flash Silvermoon Gem Elixirs which are an incredible asset for creating a smoother shift during these challenging times. Some examples of the Gem Elixirs are The Shift, Aura Cleanse, Golden Armor, Grounding, Isis Unveiled, Lithium Quartz, White Buffalo Woman.

Some of the thrilled monkeys at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary


This picture shows you how much the monkeys at Junglefriends Primate Sanctuary enjoy Flash's Lithium Quartz Gem Elixir


While teaching my Animal Communication Workshop at a recent Woman's Festival, one of my students was at her wits end dealing with her Basenji who was continuing to show overly aggressive behaviors to the rest of the animals in the household. As I tuned into the situation, I could feel that the dog was picking up on her mom's feelings. I felt like there was some dominating masculine energy wrapped all around both of them and pursued my ideas with questions. I wondered if there was someone in her home bringing that energy in and she said "no I live alone with the animals' and then I realized that she was the one bringing in the energy from her work in a prison!

She was really feeling overwhelmed by the obnoxious emotions that she took home from work too. I checked the essences with my pendulum[called dowsing] Her dog needed Outburst,which is the essence to give when an animal[or person] is discharging the toxic reverberations and electrical charge from another's overload. I gave them both Outburst as the mom was absorbing the toxicity from the prisoners and other workers and bringing it home to this sensitive dog who after one drop lay still in her mothers lap. The woman was teary as she explained that this was the longest that this animal had ever sat in her lap and it was unheard of for her to even be able to be out of her carrier with other new animals and people around.

Needless to say, she bought my extra bottle of Outburst on the spot! Obviously, one drop of an essence will not forever change a situation unless of course the situation changes and this essence would only be a stop gap measure for a job that was taxing her whole household one way or another. However, giving a regular dose of this or another essence will very effectively solve the immediate problem til a more long range solution can be found.


My little kitten Star loves his flowers so much that when he sees me go into my office, he runs in now and sits on the table and noses the little blue bottles and pushes on them til I take out the dropper so that he can taste his wonderful brew...Not every animal will be this fond of the essences but some surely will. As I am writing these words, Star is actually mewing for my attention letting me know that he wants his drops NOW. He has taken the mouse off its pad and is parading around the floor with it. Usually , he sits patiently on the chair next to me but he is a cat with a MISSION. And, as some of you have already discovered, cats don't really say Meow, they say Now,and they mean it. My dog Bear who I often called my "flower boy" would go sit on the couch when he wanted essences. I called it his treatment room and he never failed to show me when the need arose.

The first time that I ever went to the amazing Big Cat Sanctuary,in Citra Fl. I met Jaye and Gail who run the most profoundly beautiful and happy home for rescued Big Cats. My dog Bear had just passed and my grief was beyond comprehension. A friend had led me to their website and I read the story of Jumanji, the gorgeous lion who had been abandoned there by his arrogant and heartless owner.

The poor cat was dying of heartbreak and I identified with him so I called Jaye and asked if I might make an apt. to come over and see him. I also enlisted the help of my friend Julie who actually adjusts animals and works with them nutritionally through Dynamite Products. After getting over the shock of being in such an awesome place where we could hear the roar of a lion or the chuffing sound of the tigers happily at play, we dispatched to visit Jumanji.

I could feel his sadness inside me. Another Animal Communicator had been there not too long before and had confirmed what was so easy to feel..this cat was dying of a broken heart. He had been refusing to eat and was in severe need of nourishment until that communicator had made the breakthrough with him. Now he was eating and quite healthy looking but I could tell that his heart was heavy and began using my pendulum over my box of essences to see what he needed.

No surprise when Abandonment and Abuse was the first to be needed. As I tuned into that remedy I could feel his anger bubbling up but deep below that was such grief that it was palpable. I gave him some Grief and Loss and could feel his energy ease with us. He was laying very close to the links of his cage so as he relaxed,Julie was able to reach his spine and very slowly,and gently help him to release the tenison that hd built up in his back. She would release a vertebrae or two and I would follow up with a few drops of essence, either Arbor or Grief or Abandonment,and then she'd move upwards and release a few more. Slowly but surely, we continued til we had relaxed his entire spine. When we had gotten to the top of his head, he acted like any other happy camper who had just received a great massage, he opened up his enormous mouth and let out a big yawn.

He really was so calm and trusting during the entire process and we both felt profoundly honored to be in his presence and help him heal. it was an experience that I shall never forget. During that same visit, I treated 3 of the cougars with the Anxiety remedy which I believe is a pretty common remedy even for happy animals in captivity.

The next time when I returned, I treated some of the other cougars and was about to head to the tiger cages when the three I had treated on the first trip all stood up together pressed against the fence calling me in their unusual cougar voices to come back and "where was theirs?" I was amazed that they had remembered but I am sure that they did. When I go to the Big Cats to visit and treat the cats there, the biggest of the tigers,Duke,always shows me how much he loves his flowers. If I ever forget and pass him by, he presses up against his cage and does something to get my attention and literally laps it up,licks my fingers and asks for more. He needed a lot of Grief and Loss essence when his mate suddenly died. Months later after I gave him some and was moving along to another tiger, he called me back. I could hear him inside my head asking for more,he was very polite but wanted me to understand that he was still grieving even though it had been quite awhile.

Here is a pic of Duke loving his Arbor Garden such a sweet sweet tiger!


The next tiger, a female, needed Caretaker as this was not a breeding facility,and she adored caring for cubs. In fact whenever new cubs came in and couldn't be cared for by the mother tiger, she would take over happily. On this day though,there were no cubs for her to nurture and so a few drops of Caretaker would ease her desires. Speaking of desires, I found that the Anxiety remedy was just what the doctor ordered for lions.tigers.monkeys and horses that are in heat. It calms them right down.


When I went to Jungle Friends primate Sanctuary to treat the monkeys there, several were bouncing off the walls because they were in season or their neighbors were. I gave them each a few drops of Anxiety, and the monks were back to their more peaceful sweet selves and ceased acting out. This is really important for those of you who have rescue facilities and need to keep all the animals in harmony. No trip to Junglefriends happens without the liberal spraying of my Lithium Quartz Gem Elixir and a few others as well but Lithium is very much a fave of the monks.

Speaking of harmony, before. after and during the time when I introduce a new member into my furry family, I will use a remedy called St Francis Water to ease the individual ego needs that each animal has so that they may more easily blend purposes with each other. If there are testosterone issues, then I use an essence called Anthurium which helps balance male energy,and of course the Spraying remedy is in high demand during these "get to know ya times." New Beginnings is another good one too. Sometimes, I have found that Arbor Garden will work fine under these situations as well.

Arbor Garden, is an essence made from a place of deep serenity at Greenhope Farms, where the people have meditated for many many years. Somehow the Peace of that place infuses this combination with the feeling of "being held by angels".

It is not totally dis-similar from the ever popular Rescue Remedy and in fact can sometimes be used interchangeably, however Arbor has a more spiritual vibration and can even be used for anti-inflammatory applications as I discovered when my Jaz was bitten by a pygmy rattler. I was unaware at the time just how effective the essences would be.

It was late at night and I made a judgment call after talking to an emergency vet tech to simply keep her calm for the night and bring her in in the morning for some meds rather than racing around and having the poison run through her body. I gave her round the clock Arbor and surrounded her body with rose quartz and a few other stones, kept her well hydrated with a little bit of honey for energy and sustenance,used hands on healing and kept an eye on her. Needless to say, she is alive and quite well and probably only knocked off a couple of her 9 lives with that adventure.

When my cat Tucky had her first and only litter of kittens, we were concerned because she was young and small so we were prepared to be there with and for her with Arbor as well as some red raspberry leaf tea which would help ease the contractions and keep them flowing. When Tucky had trouble with one of the deliveries,Tara massaged her vagina and uterus while I administered Arbor which not only worked really well for pain, but Tara could feel Tucky's muscles relax with each dose that she was given. When her vaginal walls tightened,that was the time to add the red raspberry tea...and so it went as Tucky produced 5 healthy kittens.

I have also used Arbor Garden when one of my family was in the ending cycle of life. Remember,when one of your family passes on, the whole group is affected and Arbor or Grief and Loss is a blessing at these times. Just like people, some of your crew will be more stoic and not seem to need any help but often they are just keeping up appearances or protecting you from their pain. Using Homeopathy is wonderful in this instance as well and using the remedy Ignatia Amara for those outwardly experiencing intense grief is fantastic while for the stoics, Nat Mur is the better choice.

Now, Greenhope has an essence called Transition for just such purposes. I took a dropper full of Arbor myself on one horrible occasion when my dear cat Jade was struck by a car and almost killed in front of me. I always said that I took a dropper full to become almost sane, and another to become marginally functional. Before I was aware of the high quality of Arbor and the like, I used Bach's Rescue Remedy very effectively to cope with my rambunctious Moonshadow's puppy hood. I would put some in her water and directly into her mouth if I needed her to calm down which was so often the case.

If you or your animal has an accident and there is concern for shock, or if the eyes are LARGE with fear, Rescue or better still, Greenhope's Animal Emergency[reg. Emergency for people] is an incredible quick fix. I have taken these essences and kept myself from going into shock on a number of occasions when I was the only one around to handle some severe injuries buying myself time before the medics could get to me. Before you take your pets to the vet or leave them for awhile, you can administer Arbor or simply put it in their water bowl.

This simple measure can keep your furry friends peaceful while you are gone even through the dreaded thunderstorm which can make many animals nuts. Animal Emergency can also be used for this purpose and I usually will take my pendulum to discern which of the two is best as an all purpose basic family first aid remedy for the individual household.

Not to forget our amazing winged creatures, I have a story about one such rescue. I was at the end of a long day of doing readings at a local Psychic Fair and I saw this woman approaching my table who I really hated reading. I rarely feel this way but she is a case in point let us say and I was trying to look busy so that she would seek another reader. All of a sudden, I heard this thump at the window behind my head and looked outside top see the body of a little bird who had obviously mistaken the window for a clear flight area. I rummaged through my purse to find my bottle of Arbor which always accompanied me and put a drop on the beak and around the head and held her fragile body in my hands for awhile giving her Reiki.

After a little while, I decided to just lay her back down on the grass and let her be. I didn't know what else to do and hoped that something I did helped or that at least in her last moments, she was not alone. I went back inside and discovered to my delight that the client who was always a walking energy drain had left. Perhaps the bird had come to defend me, I will never know, but when I went back outside 20 minutes later there was no bird on the grass and I can only believe that she had healed from her accident and had flown away.

My vets are often amazed by the serenity of my animals on the rare occasion when they do require traditional medical care. Because of seeing how my animals have survived and thrived with my healing methods, one of my vets has even set up sessions for me to teach alternative health care to his techs to give them a taste of new/old possibilities. Some winters ago, the prestigious University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine , had me address the students about my work with Animal Communication and Alternative Healing.This was a great success for me, the students and their animals.

They already have a Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine teaching there too so there is hope and potential for a blending of what is best from both worlds of healing. Unfortunately situations like these are all too rare but education is the key and I do hope in my life to continue to elevate the understanding between the furry and furless beings that share this beautiful planet.


Flash Silvermoon - Animal Communicator