Jan 3, 2015

Creating Grids, a Fifth Dimensional Tool for Healing

Creating Grids, a Fifth Dimensional Tool for Healing Yourself, Your Animals and the Planet.
by Flash Silvermoon  

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book, "Lifetime Companions: Love Never Dies about the magical world of working with the Animals

Are you willing to approach the possibility of creating a miniature temple for you and yours that cannot only offer you elevation of the body, mind and spirit but can actually facilitate healing? Are you willing to walk that Rainbow Bridge into the magical, mystical world of the Fifth Dimension, the place where the miraculous can unfold..if you believe?
To do this, we are required to entertain a "beginner's mind," that is, to approach these concepts as a willing, curious child open to wonder and magic!
Spirit is clearly telling me in every way that if I am to write about the Fifth Dimension, then I must also live it. As I write, I am daily given opportunities of how to live more attuned to this space and it is one of profound peace.
This is not the remixed and remastered version of retro hits from the '60's band. However the seeds of this consciousness were no doubt planted and nurtured during that decade of spiritual unfolding.
The wonderful influx and infusion of Eastern culture during those times had a transforming effect on the Westerners who hungered for a glimpse of Nirvana![again, the concept, not the band]
The 5th Dimension represents a realm where all exists in Oneness with Spirit. When healing from this realm, all things are possible and anything can be regenerated.
To understand and embrace the Fifth Dimension, one must open oneself to the world of the miraculous, the place beyond limitations of gravity, time and logic. Because we are spiritual beings living on the material plane, we must also negotiate a balance between these seemingly incongruent paradigms.
Allowing this consciousness[5D], to anchor and become real is not with out risk but the rewards are enormous and have the potential to elevate the planet beyond its dangerous collision course.
So what is the risk? When you open to the miraculous, you may appear foolish to those who only worship the God of logic and material reality. One can be accused of not being realistic or worse....insane when one clings to hope when only a minute margin for such exists. In fact, keeping hope alive in the face of deadening apathy, fear and repression is one of the most reasonable things that we can all do.
I do believe that we CO-create reality with our thoughts and this is most empowering because it puts change and transformation in our hands if we are willing to meet the challenge. When we align our wills with something more universal, positive and bigger than ourselves, we surrender the little I for something much better. It has been proven by scientific research that the vibration of many holding a single positive thought can be influential on a profound level. Leaders from the Dalai Lama to the Pope know this and harness the power of prayer and meditation to positively influence reality or rather one of the realities.
In his groundbreaking book about the Magic of Water, DR Emoto illustrates in graphic detail the effect of positive energy on water, showing microscopic pictures of water that has been abused and healed by sound, word and deed. If we can change a glass of water with positive thought and energy and we are made up of 90% water, then the obvious miraculous results for the human body, mind and spirit are inevitable.
This may seem like a tremendous leap of consciousness for some and a welcome possibility for others.
I invite you to join me on a journey that will be both joyful and profound. Hopefully you will find the experience transforming for you and the animals in your world.
I believe that many of you have been experiencing the vibrational shift that has been occurring which some call a "quickening," a speeding up and elevation of our energies. For most of us, life as we have known it is being transformed on many levels, not the least of which is the weather. If your terra firma seems not quite as firm as you thought, congratulations, as you are not asleep or in denial.
 Even astrological aspects and various and sundry holistic cures do not necessarily hold the line and deliver predictable results. Everything is in a state of flux.
I find that working on the etheric level with flower essences, crystals, stones,homeopathics, and gem elixirs to be very helpful as long as you don't go strictly by the book [which is useful] and also follow your intuition. In this way, you use both hemispheres of the brain.
With clients as well as with my own healing, treating ailments on a purely physical level, even with holistic means, can ground the symptoms deeper into the physical body. Approaching these same problems on the 5th Dimensional or spiritual level, can offer space for miracles to happen. By viewing symptoms from a vibrational perspective, profound changes can occur.



This may seem supernatural and that's exactly what it is.
Within our bodies and spirits, the portions of us that are in a state of Oneness and harmony, vibrate at a much higher frequency. Where we hit pockets of denser vibration, we find illness and malaise. In these dense places fear and ego dwell, leaving us vulnerable. By raising the vibratory speed, you create a channel by which anything can be healed.
One way to access 5th Dimensional Healing is through a "Grid." There are many types of grids and each and everyone creates a vortex where these higher energies can be utilized.
To construct a grid, you need several things:
1-A clear space to create your grid
2- A plain or colored piece of unlined paper where you will draw a circle or a heart in the center. You will place your name [all of the names you are known by including magical ones] in the center. Also place the letters E for East, S for South, W for West, and N for north in their proper place around the circle or heart.
3- A pendulum -- this ideally is a crystal or stone on the end of a chain, string, etc., but many things could be suspended from a cord or chain as well. I find that metal is a better conductor. The pendulum is the main tool and could be used as often as once a day to check your grid and each of its components to maintain its effectiveness and to monitor and create changes.My pendulum swings clockwise for yes and counterclockwise for no. Others may find that a yes is shown by the pendulum swinging forward and a no by its swinging side to side.
4- At least 4 stones or crystals chosen by you and your pendulum
5- Optional-feathers, shells, herbs, or your own flower essence mix.
To set up your grid: Avoid close proximity to windows. With the aid of your pendulum, asking "Is this the perfect stone for this position right now?" The words "right now" are crucial as any stones might be good but you want the ones that are what you need in the moment.
Go through each of the 4 Directions starting in the East, corner of New Beginnings, asking that question and place the appropriate stone.
Let's say that you have a small clear or citrine quartz crystal for this position. These stones are good for clarity which is always a good beginning but not necessarily the thing for everyone. Check to see if the point goes in or out with the pendulum. With all of these questions, your own intuition may be way out in front so use the pendulum for conformation. Sometimes the position of these stones can change from day to day if it is a time of high stress or change.
Next, go to the South, corner of fire, love and innocence, the Place of the Heart. You might choose a piece of rose quartz or something else pink or green [heart chakra colors] for that purpose.
The West, corner of the Dreamtime and the deep inner waters might need apophyllite,amethyst,herkimer diamond, or even smokey quartz or black tourmaline if you have felt under attack in these realms.
Finally you would choose the stone for the North - corner of the earth and Manifestation. Think about the energy that you want to manifest or ground. For grounding you might use smokey quartz or if you want to manifest a new love, you might use rose quartz or even the more exotic Aphrodite. With each of these stones you would also make sure that you are choosing the right piece if you have several.
Sometimes, a center stone is necessary also so you would hold your pendulum over that spot and ask if it needs a stone. If the answer is yes the again choose with your pendulum to see what is central energetically for you.
Once that you have made your grid, you can check it daily or more frequently if there is an acute problem. Don't worry if you miss a day but do get into the habit of checking. I always check my flower essence combo first as it generally changes more often than the stones. You would place the essence bottle in the East. Your stones may not change at all for months or they may ask to be removed or shifted often. After you make changes on your grid, take your right hand and hover over the East until you feel the warmth of the energies in your hand and then spread it around the circle over each of the other 3 directions and bring it up through the center point if you have one or just conclude in the East.
This is a microcosm of your world so it will help soften the blow of the hard times or possibly prevent them and accentuate the positive energies.
In my home, I maintain many grids, one for myself of course and for my 2 animals as well. There is also a grid for healing the oceans that I created in a large fishbowl that actually has pure water in it, remember, we are recreating the perfect ocean, and this one is quite elaborate with many stones, shells crystal carved dolphins etc.
I have a small planetary healing grid inside and a huge one outdoors with 25 LB amethyst crystal points, a rose quartz sphere of the same weight or more in the center and many other large 5 LB or more pieces of smokey quartz,citrine and Lemurian seed crystals. When I really feel like the planet, the country, the weather, or my own area are in crisis, I spend time there in prayer and meditation.

There are many reasons to create a grid but one should never use them to manipulate or control another. Mostly people just make them for themselves, their kids, partners, or animals.
On one occasion, an old friend came for a reading and was quite distraught because her daughter, who had been one of the most positive smart young women, had somehow fallen in with a really bad crowd, left her job, school and home and was using hard drugs. For a situation like this where life and death issues are on the table, a little positive direction is not only acceptable but a damn good idea.
Her Mom and I created a grid for her that would open the door for her highest good to occur. As long as you are asking for someone's highest good you keep yourself from controlling and manipulating. When the mother told her daughter what she was doing, she was overjoyed and truly grateful for the help and bit by bit went back to school, work and quit drugs. I have seen many lives totally change for the better with the use of grids.
For our dear animals, the grid can be an incredible tool for healing and even for knowing or confirming when there is a problem of some kind. One horrible night, my beautiful white cat Jade was hit by a car right in front of me and ran off to a place where I could not treat her directly. First, I treated myself as I was a total wreck and after several droppers full of Green Hope Farms Arbor Garden Essence, I was able to begin figuring out how to help my little girl.
First thing, I went to her grid and began dowsing the stones to see what changes were necessary and to see if her flower essences needed a change too. I added a lot of stones to amp up her life force, like ruby, garnet and smokey quartz to keep her grounded. I also placed the appropriate homeopathic like Arnica and Hypericum right on her grid as well. As I was doing all this in total panic, I began to feel somewhat better as I added each new stone or substance. At that point, I went back outside to where Jade was hiding way underneath a shed. I could see her crumpled form huddling in the cold dark night. I just had to save my Jadie Jade. I alternated sending prayers through her grid and singing to her outside all night long so that she wouldn't feel alone.
When the morning came, my then partner Tara and friend Silva dug her out from under the shed. It took us nearly 3 hr. to do this and we didn't even know for sure what we would find when we got her but we had to try. I had a cat carrier and blankets ready to move her as soon as we could get here out. Tara finally grabbed her and passed her to Silva and she to me and we were off to the Vet's office. They saw her but never dreamed that we could save her foot but by the next day we not only saved her life but her foot as well and with much work, love and persistence, she totally recovered.
You don't always have to have a crisis of that magnitude for a grid for your animal friends to be useful. Sometimes the animal can be very stoic and unwilling to admit they are having a hard time so regular grid checks for these is a great idea. Perhaps the pendulum over the stone in the South is swinging backwards or counterclockwise, then you might guess that your critter is not feeling enough love in which case you can add more or stronger love stones or a clear quartz to amplify what you are sending.

So many stories. To tell! When my youngest cat was a small and sickly kitten, I discovered that I had been making a serious mistake regarding the location of his grid. In fact, I had been using this one precarious table for the grids of all the kittens that I had had for the last 7 years and sad to say, none of them had done very well.

You see, you have to really be most thoughtful about all the metaphors that you use when you are creating 5th Dimensional healing temples. A "shaky foundation" is a really bad metaphor. Needless to say, that table was thrown out the next day and no other kittens would be troubled with it again.
I am fortunate to live with almost more stones and crystals than the Smithsonian as I collect them, use them for healing, and sell them so my palate is huge when I need to put a grid together. I also specialize and favor really hi energy stones as I feel like they can do the most good now i.e. apophyllite, Lemurian seed crystals, lithium quartz, kunzite,  elestial quartz,  labradorite, spirit quartz and so many more. I also have and use all of the old standbys like clear, smokey,citrine, rose quartz, and amethyst.Moonstone,carnelian, black tourmaline, rainbow fluorite, green calcite or lapis are all good choices as well.
Whether you have 5 stones or 5 hundred, the process is the same. Take a chance on an amazing process and see how it feels for a month. I believe that you will feel your life improve in so many ways and it will give you yet another way to help and heal those you love.
Blessings Flash Silvermoon


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