Apr 15, 2015

Aphrodite - Oshun/Imbolc and More


Aphrodite and Oshun / Imbolc and More
I like to celebrate the coming of the Sacred Love Goddesses starting on Feb 1 or 2 with Imbolc,  Candlemas,  Brigid's Day and so on.
Mainstream culture likes to deify St. Valentine and give this bloodthirsty slayer of women the one day of the year that Love is supposed to Rule. How totally bizarre  and how the hell did he manage to grab that gig? I could research but let's just chalk that up to the  bad-ass patriarchy.
This just does not work for me at all so for years, I have celebrated as most Pagans do,  the time between Imbolc and Feb 14 or so as the Feast of Aphrodite. During this time one can delight in all manner of love rituals [as long as they are non-manipulative] and generally pump up your love groove.
This could be a great time for a Tantric  Love Ritual [7 Chakra Sex]
if you are so inclined or any Sacred Sexual adventure.

Sacred oils,candles,sexuality,sensuality,baths,and delicious food are the order of the day...after day ...after day, after all you don't want to short change the Lady of Love and She needs at least a week or 2 to be adequately satiated and honored.
I am guessing that there are some dates that are Feasts for Oshun but either way, there would be no reason not to give the River Goddess,Oshun a little somethin' somethin' just because or to join in the Love Fest with dancing,singing,poetry,and performance too.
And who wouldn't want to dance with Oshun on any occasion? When I call in Aphrodite, I always call in Oshun as well.



Feb 2 is also a time of Initiation in the Dianic Tradition whereby a woman who has committed herself to at least a  year of Goddess study and work can be Initiated by the Priestess. The process is really a whole lot of fun for your circle.
The older initiated members make a birth canal for the new woman by  spreading their legs and standing one behind the other according to age.   The Maiden stands at the front of the canal asking "How do you enter?" The initiate answers,"I enter the circle in Perfect Love and Trust." At that point the new woman is about to be birthed and she lies down on the floor [usually a rug or some kind of padding is placed beneath her for comfort] and she scoots and is pulled backwards through the women's legs til she reaches the Priestess who pulls her up and out and offers her a spoon of honey. She tells her to Taste the Sweetness of Isis and gives her a big hug.
When all the new women have been birthed, they make a circle inside the circle and a red cord is wrapped around each of their waists. At this point, the Priestess and Maiden cut the cord one at a time in the name of  the appropriate Goddess for each and fasten her  new witches cord which connects her to all of the other women in the group and especially to those who were initiated that night.
That's the bare bones of it and of course improvisation is great. I have done these initiations for Summer Solstice in the water too and they are great.
Another fun thing to do with couples who want to commit at this time is to take a beautiful red apple and halve it horizontally so that you can see the pentacle inside. Each eats their half which could also have honey dripped over it to bring in Oshun even more or one could use oranges or mangoes and other luscious fruit to do the same thing.
The main thing, no matter what you do is to Celebrate Love and the growing Fire that flames at this time persisting as a beacon and a promise for warmer times to come. Blessings Flash

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  1. Dear Flash,

    I know that Aphrodite is my devotee Goddess! :) And I remember when I translated this part of The Holy Book talking about Initiation. Moving. Thank you for such an amazing article, darling.