Jul 8, 2014

Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for July 2014

by Flash Silvermoon 

Water water everywhere and all emotions on high tide. I am always empathic but the Cancer Sun, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune and Chiron in Pisces seem to be amping up everyone’s sensitivity. Change is inevitable and all this water  brings change like a FLOOD and we have seen so many parts of the world flooded literally. Energetically we are also coming out of a New Moon in watery Cancer which ended the month with a Grand Trine in Water so we continue with that energy leaking into the first part of July as well.

Mercury just went direct on July 3 so please don’t try to rush anything now even if you feel like you must. Still a whole lot of hurry up and wait energy and we are being forced to sort out the  important from the trivial. The trick is with this tidal wave of emotion everything can feel important  so try to be patient with your process and let your inner time table run the show as much as possible.


Boundaries, boundaries can be the name of the game for now on so many levels. We can be flooded with opportunities as well as challenges and as  the inimitable Leo, Mae West once said,”Too much of a good thing can be marvelous!” On the other hand, too much can also  be too much and float on over to overwhelm.



Pluto opposing the Sun on July 4th likely helped stir up the war mongers festering internationally as well as locally. The fireworks on the 4th or anytime have come to bother me more and more as my love for animals grows and i see the toll this noise and explosions take on their well being. Now, Vets and others that are suffering from PTSD are also asking that we tone down and be mindful of the effect that fireworks can have on those who served. I mean it felt like a war zone just coming  to my country home last night from a party and I never had missiles whistling around my head. The bombs bursting in air gave no proof to me through the night, about anything except that I hoped to not be hit by firecracker/ firework shrapnel.. When I got in I treated my animals  as I had before i left with flower essences and the Gem Elixirs that I make so that they would have a more peaceful night.


If any of you watched the Iraq Wars on TV and viewed the scuds and assorted explosions, these continuous night time explosions, albeit pretty, in the distance are horrendous to many people and all animals close up especially the wild ones who have nowhere to hide. Well that energy certainly made me  feel like “Fighting the Power.” I must say that when I think of Independence Day now I wish to be independent of war all war while honoring the bravery of those who fought yet honoring them by  helping to c create a more peaceful world where no one need risk life and limb to keep us on an oil economy.


And then we have real war alive and in color as the crisis between Israel and Palestine becomes even more bloody and horrific and under reported. What a great way to solve everything, killing children! When will people get it that we are one world and that killing anyone’s family is like killing our own. That’s the kind of New World Order I would like, a world that feels the total inter connection between all people and especially honors and protects women, children and the animals and all of nature for that matter, May the empowered protect those who are less advantaged and co create a world of prosperity. Priorities, that’s the sticking point isn’t it?


It’s amazing to me that the Wild Horses, the symbols and legacy of our Wild West are having to struggle to even have a space on the prairies that have been deeded to them by law in 1971 by of all people Richard Nixon and the John Wayne culture of guns galore is flourishing despite increasing deaths. Again priorities and what is valued.






I do not believe we are a death culture but the mainstream thread of what is offered to us visually makes one go hmmm. Yes this is a time of increased polarities and yes there are more people than ever standing up for the wild horses and the animals and the environment but the level of corporate resistance to a more life affirming  culture has never seemed more threatening.






As I listen to my voice in these paragraphs I am reminded of the presence of Mars, the “war planet” in the sign of Libra, the sign of peace and most importantly JUSTICE. Along with Mars, we also have the asteroids Ceres and Vesta and the North Node all in Libra so the vibration that desires peace is present as is that same desire for justice which can seem at times contradictory. My Mars is in Libra all the time and in traditional astrology texts that is considered a detrimental placement. But what that simply means is that that very Yang Mars energy does not manifest in Libra as strongly as it might. For me, I am good with that as it offers a gentler more creative way to express those energies through the Venus ruled sign of Libra. Music, art, dance and poetry are all good ways to have Mars manifest itself in most positive ways that need not be war like. I think of Michael Jackson’s video for “Bad” where the two warring gangs turn their violence into dance. Now this is not me being some kind of astro airhead visualizing the Palestinians and Israelis break dancing together in Gaza or Putin freestylin’ about Gay Rights in Russia but what I am offering is another way to view Mars’ passage through Venus-ruled Libra so that you might also seek ways of expressing that part of yourselves in a more potent and creative way.


Given that we are still being affected by the Cardinal Cross energy which will again be highlighted with the Full Moon on the 12th, we are all being asked to refine and define our priorities. In countries which are fraught with political unrest some are having to define what they are willing to die for while those of us in less dangerous places are sorting out what makes life worth living!

Weighty questions of life and death thanks to the position of Saturn in Plutonic Scorpio which pushes us to explore the depths of our souls. and what is important as a core value. Time to dig deep and be sure that you are getting to the root of the matter.


The Full Moon on the 12th of July is in Capricorn which aligns and includes a wide conjunction with Pluto while the Sun in Cancer has a wide conjunction with Jupiter. The big player here is Mars that squares the whole deal very tightly while Uranus hurls an occasional lightning bolt into the mix from afar. I would say that those who are inclined towards prayer and meditation and who especially join with others to promote world peace, should get busy now til the Full Moon to bring more peace to the trouble spots. However, along with Mars in Libra, we have Ceres, Vesta and the North Node all conjoined in the sign of the scales of justice. Under these circumstances there can be no peace without justice and so crisis cannot be easily avoided. With those 2 Asteroid Goddesses at work we are likely to see more women come out to make historic/ herstoric changes in the world. I look forward to seeing who picks up the ball or the globe for that matter. Many women in politrix now and some may even become the game changers that the world needs so badly.


Full Moons always bring things to a boil, whatever has been simmering in the background and particularly if the issues have been of a more hidden nature. With Mars in Libra stirring the proverbial pot on this night, we may see alliances and treaties that were not worth the paper they were written on come unglued. Perhaps even stranger bedfellows will be leaping into bizarre conjugal visits in the Middle East. Let’s face it nothing is too weird for power brokers and oil men and all the Gods must be crazy now.

I remember Full Moon in Capricorn July 10 1990 I believe. This was the very first Woman Spirit Rising Celebration in Gainesville and what a time it was. That April a serious sounding female spirit spoke to me of gathering all the women and so began my journey to create the first Multi traditional Women’s Spirituality Circle certainly in the South and maybe at least the East Coast. Over 350 women of all generations, sexual preferences, races, abilities, economics and spiritual views gathered in Kanapaha Botanical Gardens. I knew we had to have 4 main Priestesses of different cultures and traditions and called on Bahira Sugarman to call in the East representing an eclectic blend of New Age/Jewitch/ Buddhist energies, Georg Suzuki represented the West with Native American/Ainu culture, Ayoka Lanloke,Yoruba Priest of Yemonja carried the Earth Corner while I represented what I now call The Rainbow Goddess Spiritual Path in the South. There were another 8 Priestesses to do other jobs such as  smudging and spritzing water to consecrate the space. I knew this would be big but never imagined it to be this big. As Ayoka and I drummed and sang the Funga [Yoruban song welcoming to the land] atop the hill, we saw the women streaming in from everywhere and our hearts were so so full. Jordan and her wonderful daughter Summer from Kanapaha brought special herbs and welcomed us all to her space. Astrologically I chose this time because all the outer planets would be aspecting the Moon. This event was way before everyone had computers and cell phones and we had decided not to do any mainstream promotion and still..the women kept coming.  I do believe we elevated Gainesville, the planet and each other into another dimension that day. I believe that we produced another 4 more of these events which in 2002 evolved into 8 years of The Wise Woman’s Festival. For some reason it seemed to be time to share those memories. Cancer energies can stimulate fond memories of the past and this was a most meaningful Lunar Celebration.Takes a lot of energy to put these things together and they are well worth it. Wish I had some pix from back then to share here  so a current one will have to do.


As I was writing this I had a fantasy of a new group of Amazon Warriors of all races marching into Nigeria and freeing those school girls and pushing their way into Afghanistan past the Taliban and War Lords and offering the Ghani women refuge from their  repressive regimes. Oh how the ranks would swell as each stop would bring more and more women together as each broke her chains.So many places in the world where women are under siege including this country. I do have faith that a union of women will bring the world to a more peaceful place and there is no reason why wiser gentler men can’t join and support as well.




Confucius said,”For evil to be eradicated it must first be exalted.” Basically what he meant by this was things need to get really bad so that it is so obvious that change is needed. As far as gun violence we have hit that tipping point and if not I don’t know what it is going to take. Somehow  registration, reviews,some kind of checks and balances that create a greater responsibility for gun sales need to become a barrier to the next nut job who gets pissed and wants to shoot up a school, neighborhood or whatever. Between Global Warming and the energetic boiling points of this month and summer, we need to bring a greater calm to our cities that offers more creative expression and more education and opportunities so that  hope is possible. Hope is Essential!


Going back to priorities and affirming what is valued, we must see how fame has become such a huge “carrot” for young people who are shown glamorous lives lived by people who often have done nothing and just happened to become famous. They are being sold Reality Show fraudulent lives making them seek that kind of instant gratification and glamor.  Fame is more important than doing good work in this gun-toting culture! Is it any wonder that some who are just too mentally disturbed choose to get their 15 minutes by violent behavior?


On July 16 Jupiter will enter fiery Leo and that is likely to turn the heat up even more. Fame is liable to become and even bigger focus.In the physical body, Leo rules the heart while Jupiter manifests as expansion so we may see more open hearted behavior as well. So many groups and celebrities are promoting ways to “Give Back” in all forms and this sets a wonderful example. I think we are going to see much more of that behavior too. I suspect we can see a much greater generosity of spirit with this year long transit of Jupiter in Leo so I am looking forward to see its effects on the world stage as well as in my own life.


July 18 brings Venus from airy Gemini to the more emotional Cancer. In Gemini we had the social butterfly flitting around and tasting the entire buffet of love offerings. In Cancer we are more serious about who we love and how and why and the love energy is much more soothing and nurturing. If you have been wanting to make a home and nest Venus in Cancer creates just the right mood for creating the most wonderful home that fits your needs on all levels. Can’t forget food! Venus in Cancer energy can really throw down a meal fit for a queen. Comfort food would be high on the menu too as Cancer is built for comfort not for speed.If you love the domestic life then Venus in Cancer should give you deep solace. If this is not typically your thing you might find that this could be a delightful shift for a while.




July 20 Saturn comes out of retrograde and  you may find that all of your waiting and re visioning  was worth it and you are ready to forge ahead renewed and more confident.. As if that wasn’t enough shifting about,  on July 21 Uranus begins its retrograde journey. So much change in such a short time might leave us spinning. These outer planets move very slowly and they have a big affect on group consciousness. Uranus is a quick change artist and seeks to have us move just as quickly towards are own liberation. We will feel the direct motion on Winter Solstice 2015 when Uranus is once again at 13 degrees Aries, the degree of the Grand Cardinal Cross this April. I would say whatever had been propelled into motion during that transit might find its mark on Winter Solstice.


July 26 ushers in a fiery New Moon in Leo conjoining Jupiter newly in Leo as well. So we will see the Sun,Moon and Jupiter all lined up in Leo. All the watery energy of the past two months has caused so many water issues of every kind and in some places the rivers flow beyond their banks while California is in severe drought praying for the rain that has drenched other parts of the country. I am hoping that as we shift from intense water to a strong fire energy that some sense of balance can occur particularly with the weather.

I thought that Jupiter in Cancer was going to really boost the current economy so it should be interesting to see what monetary effect this Jupiter in Leo will bring to the table.  The trick is that we so rarely know what is real and what is spin in the political world.The haters rarely give Obama credit where it is due and then he doesn’t reveal that much either. I swear if it were Justin Bieber’s DUI record, we would know all the details but simply knowing the basics about the working of our own country is way too radical to find its way onto the NEWS.



I can see all of this Leo energy shining a big bold light onto the workings of many agencies and i am betting that some heads will roll before its all done. Bottom line each of us must take responsibility to co create the kind of world that we want to live in. The most important thing is to see it and really see it and breathe life into it. How do you feel in this new world? Make it real and make it beautiful with all the room and resources possible.

Have a great month Blessings Flash Silvermoon




ARIES – I am really ready to jump into life with both feet. I must admit that I have felt these stirrings but felt almost unable to act as my own agent. I know that I deserve to be on top and have all my wonderful talents noticed. I can promote others so much easier than i can promote me. if we can bottle excitement I have that by the gallon so it is just a matter of feeling the enthusiasm and letting it lead me. I am starting to feel my own connection with nature now and it is exhilarating. As I listen to the birds sing they tell me,”Must play music must play music .” and now, I listen.


TAURUS – Yes the summer heat can make the world go slow but that’s just the right speed for me. No rush just a slow soothing dance. I can feel the way the music creates ripples inside me inviting me to play and enjoy. As I allow myself to fully appreciate these feelings I can feel my voice open and song springs out. Yes we Taureans are known for having good voices and mine is just starting to blossom. How wonderful to feel this new talent being born and it is as easy as breathing.


GEMINI – Conversation is like good food for me. It can be so satisfying and I never tire of new ways to say a phrase. Listening is an art that I am trying to improve upon and i am finding it to be a challenge. Too often people are just waiting to see what to say next. I am trying to reclaim that art and find my own voice in the process. Too many years playing the devil’s advocate and i am looking forward to saying what I mean and meaning what i say. I know it really can be that simple and. I welcome the change.


CANCER – i know that I will just love having Venus in my sign for awhile. I can be as sentimental as i want without feeling silly. Time by the water will be well spent and I intend to seek out many sources from the crystal clear springs to the salty ocean. No need to travel too far though as I always feel the most comfort right in my own backyard. Home means more to me this month and I look forward to making it more beautiful and serene. I will clear away the old cobwebs on all levels and find delight in the new found clarity that is revealed.


LEO – I am not at all embarrassed to say that this month is all about me!There is no shame in my game as a matter of fact and I want to bathe in the limelight for awhile. Self expression can lead me to the stage or the mike or all of it and i want to see where my talents can take me. I much rather have my drama on the stage than taking over my life and one can enjoy trying on so many identities. I might just put on a new one for you so,”Why don’t ya come up and see me some time!”Quoting the famous Leo, Mae West.


VIRGO – I have spent a lot of time thinking during the retrograde and I know it is time for action. Those same tired thoughts just clang around my brain and even i am tired of them. OK New Day and a new deal, today I will move forward with out questioning each movement. Won’t that be novel and I can only imagine the freedom of spirit that will give me. A greater flow of activity is possible and I want to take full advantage of that momentum.I can see projects lining up to be finished right now.Yes.Yes what a fine word. So tired of the No.


LIBRA – This month I really want to  achieve balance in my life.  As I look about me I can see places where I could just dive in and work full bore but I want to diversify my intent so i can find more interest in what I do. So many causes that need attention and the state of the world is kind of scary. I really want to do my part to make the changes that i want to see and to be those changes too. I do believe that one voice can make a difference and I also know that I work better in a partnership. Maybe if I attend the workshops that I love I will find the right person who also wants to create meaningful changes in the world.


SCORPIO – Saturn in my sign has been a very heavy ride and i have learned a lot about myself which is good. Soon Mars will enter my sign and i am thinking that my Saturn lessons will put me in good stead in handling this faster energy. For a change I won’t be feeling like i have to move through a brick wall to get anywhere. Now i will see if I learned how to listen and feel out the right intention before acting. I have learned patience but I just as soon not need it. OK Scorpio out of retrograde here i come.


SAGITTARIUS – So glad we are starting to get some fire energy going around here. I thought I was going to drown in so much water. I love getting philosophical and even metaphysical.and a good discussion on these subjects with free thinking friends is like food for my soul. I may not be able to afford a big vacation just yet but i can travel and experience the far away and exotic in my mind’s eye.My magic carpet is parked in the living room, anyone want to jump on for a ride?


CAPRICORN -I am wondering if I have finally mastered the lessons of Pluto. We seem to have been joined at the hip for way too long and i am hoping that I have moved through the most challenging of those lessons already.Don’t get me wrong nobody likes a challenge better than me but i am also real good with not having to climb the next mountain. As a matter of fact a week of relaxation wouldn’t hurt me a bit. Yeah HBO take me away.


AQUARIUS – Leo is my opposite sign and yet I think I will enjoy playing with the Leonine energy coming out this month. I like the words to that song,”Free your mind and the rest will follow!” I do intend to free my mind this month and see which ideas stick and which need to let go. Marley had a good idea too when he said,’Emancipate yourself from mental slavery none but yourself can free your mind.” So many great concepts have been given to us through song. Makes me want to go through my CD’s and reflect on all the wisdom there.Actually I am most fascinated by exploring what the radical women are saying and the world needs to listen.


PISCES – Still got some big water going on for this fish to feel at home. Gee everything is sounding like music to me today. That first sentence sounded like the beginning of some reggae song and maybe it will be. Music is like a sacred script that we can all play and feel Holy. Amazing how it works so very well to heal all things. As the heart lightens up everything else falls into place. The animals love it too. I affirm that this month music will get way more attention and who knows what magic will be unlocked by that offering.


Blessings on  your journey this month and remember – RAISE THE VIBE FOR THE TRIBE!


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If you feel your heart and spirit being drawn to this work please get in touch with Flash.

Groups will meet on 4 consecutive Monday nights from 7-9:30 PM at her Sacred Sanctuary of Moonhaven in Melrose, Florida (near Gainesville) We are also having periodic 1 Day Weekend Intensives.

For those who want to seriously pursue your Spiritual Education,  attend 3- 4 week series of classes and on the 13th week we will have a Ceremony of Graduation Honoring you into the Apprentice Level. You can also just commit month to month.For those who have been students and want to complete class to the Apprentice Level this is possible too.

please no commercial /chemical bug sprays,perfumes, scented candles  etc I am, very allergic

Contact Flash for more info. 

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“No foul play they said, and my mind is now less numbed by pain and I wonder how she could have a broken nose, split lip, no drugs or paraphernalia and not have met with foul play?This was all that I knew about that fateful day until Janis herself started communicating with me and changed everything.”

“Janis lifted the Veil for me and then pushed me through not only opening me to the blues but the entire spirit world!” Flash Silvermoon”

* The Wise Woman’s Tarot – http://flashsilvermoon.com *

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