Apr 14, 2014

Pagan Friends Interviews Flash Silvermoon

The Flash Silvermoon interview is now live in the Imbolc issue of the Pagan Friends Webzine. You can access it here:                 

Hi Beary Flash here entertaining your questions now! [ for all the questions I changed the text color for the answers except for the big piece on Rainbow Goddess Path]

Q. Could you tell us a little bit about about your path and how it has developed? What advice would you give to yourself as you were when you started out if you could talk to yourself then?

The best way that I can accurately describe  my path today as I know it is to call it The Rainbow Goddess Path.


For me, there is nothing more important than my spiritual path which I am knowing and understanding more each day. I have walked this path for many many moons calling myself or being called a Witch, Shaman,,Healer, Pagan, Goddess worshiper working with  Dianic Wicca,Yoruba, Native American, Feng Sui, Tantric paths and others.

I finally recognize and have words for this path that I walk now and it is a Rainbow Goddess Path where we honor diversity with many traditions, not to water any down, but to embrace each unique part and hold Sacred that which resonates. This does not  include the appropriation of another's culture and passing it off as your own.
For me this is a decidedly Womanspirit path yet one that goes beyond the Western European and Celtic styles that have been the mainstay of my Dianic Wiccan circles for some 20 years.


You might think that after working for 25+ years on the Wise Woman’s Tarot, which is among other things, a Global View of the Goddess, creating Womanspirit Rising 1990, which was the first Multi-traditional Women’s Spirituality Gathering in the South at least, or surely the creation of the Annual Wise Woman Festival which is in its 8th year should  have suggested that my spirituality had gone Global, had become larger than one tradition and that this was done by me with intention or moved through me by the Goddess.

It is not unusual for my intellect to play catch up with my intuition. I essentially follow my inner guidance and do what appears to be my mission and then understand it intellectually later which is the opposite of how Western and mainstream folk go about their lives.
Being a double Pisces,I am content to swim through the cosmic waters in my own unique style and I rarely feel the need to define myself too tightly.

At this point though, it feels so important to not only claim this Rainbow Goddess Path that I walk and have also defined, but to embrace it so that I may experience it more fully and share with others of a like mind as well.
I have so enjoyed getting to know other Priestesses and Priests, Shamans, and Medicine Women whose spirituality, like mine, is as much a part of them as their own skin. It is refreshing for me to meet with others who coexist with me on the Mother who see the world through a similar and heartful lens.

The Blues Sisters

The Blues Sisters

As both a Dianic Witch and one who walks a Rainbow Goddess Path, our ways are more tribal and inclusive and do not bow to the traditions and expectations of the corporate world. We approach the world with a vision and a deep dream of peace and harmony as well as a desire for us each to become a progressive flash point for positive change, justice and healing.
Leadership is important yet we need to move away from the more hierarchical ways of most traditions and seek to empower the individuals which ultimately co creates a more powerful circle.

There’s no getting away from the fact that some of us , like myself have worked our entire lives serving as Priestesses and teachers and we just plain know more, however, that doesn’t mean we should hold onto that position for dear life and not teach others to one day be able to step up as well. As a matter of fact, if we do not, our magic and wisdom will die with us

We Elders do deserve our space, honor and respect and we need to be conscious of our responsibility to help create the New World being birthed as the Blue Star whirls and swirls pitching us to and fro in this Cauldron of seeming Chaos.
It is no longer possible to”not know” where we are to place our energies. Ignorance is not bliss and we each need to find that magical space where we can be most in touch with the inner and outer Goddess as well as our personal Mission Plan.

If I could speak to little Flash when she was just a Flicker, I would affirm to her that she is wise and a very unique individual who knows how to follow her gut and that it will never fail her. I would tell her that as she does this, she will always know the right direction and that one day she will inspire and teach many women and some men how to honor the Mother and themselves.

Q. Has there been any one event or experience which has been especially important to the development of your path?

I had begun experiencing my spirituality as a teenager, opening to reading Tarot Cards, having out of body experiences and experimenting with psychometry, object reading. I had studied  the writings of Edgar Cayce, who shares my birth date, and many other metaphysical volumes but the one thing that dumped me head first into the deep end of the psychic pool was my connection with the spirit of Janis Joplin shortly after her death in Oct 1970!

I hesitate to share that fact because when you include a famous person, folks tend not to believe you but this is the Goddess honest truth.

You can read the entire story in my new E book Janis Joplin and Me, 40 Years of Music and Magic  I finally felt like I could write this all down last year on the 40th Anniversary of her death. You can get it through my website http://www.flashsilvermoon.com and judge for yourself. Having a powerful spirit such as hers communicating with you on a daily basis will get anybody jump started I will tell you that. When I was a Witchlet of 20, I wondered, "Why me?", but as a 61 year old Crone, I have come to understand exactly  why she came to me, and then it was time to tell the story.

As I became a feminist  in my early twenties and then a lesbian, Positive Magic and Witchcraft felt like just the thing for me. Marion Weinstein who wrote the book of that name was an early influence on WBAI radio in NYC. When Z Budapest came to town in 1975 bringing the first Dianic Wiccan Circle to New York, I felt like my sexual, political and spiritual world came together as we connected at Kay Gardner's house at first as a part of the Susan B Anthony Coven and then as the new Amelia Earhart Coven. Days later I moved to North Central Florida and started the Elizabeth Gould Davis Coven which is still in existence here at my Sanctuary of Moonhaven in Melrose.  Z and I are still sisters all these many years later.


Meeting and working with Z Budapest was a life changing experience. She gave me a format for the spiritual path that I was seeking with Dianic Wicca and she is a most charismatic Priestess. The Women's Spirituality Movement at large owes a huge debt of gratitude to Z for her work as an organizer,Priestess and author.


Q. You have been called a 'Spiritual Renaissance Woman'; what do you think this means and do you think the term applies to you?
Yes, when I look at my website and work at balancing the projects in my life, I see the many worlds that I inhabit, I can definitely see myself in that light!

I am a Priestess, psychic, astrologer, stone healer, animal communicator and vibrational healer [which encompasses crystals, gem elixirs,flower essences, starlight elixirs, aroma therapy, Reiki, grid keeping and making, weather work, and sound healing]. I work with Feng Sui and other methods to clear and effect change in homes.

I teach, am a published author, radio personality both guest and host of my own weekly talk show every Wed 8:30-9 Pm EST called "What the Animals Tell Me" http://www.pwrnetworkllc.org/#!streams/cjg9 LIVE on Wed and Archives anytime, anywhere too this is a station with Global Reach. This is one of the ways that I am able to help the beloved animals. I also volunteer as an Animal Communicator and Healer at Junglefriends Primate Sanctuary, Windhorse Sanctuary and EARS Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary which is mostly Big Cats whom I adore and some bears and other animals too. Soon I hope to work with the Elephants at a local Sanctuary.I also do another radio show on that same network called Womanspirit Rising on Thursday night monthly 10-11 pm est with the same url. See my FB page for more details.

Lastly, and originally firstly, I am a musician and perform and record. I have 2 CD's available of rock, blues, worldbeat, funk and jazz. I have  been performing since I was  13 in the folk clubs o NYC and then rock venues all over the country. More about that later [pic to the left is Flash Silvermoon jamming with Ubaka Hill at Southern Women's Music fest]

Q. To what extent does your path inspire your music? Does your music affect your path and if so in what ways?

Well, I am a very spontaneous person even though I can be very organized when it comes to recording and somewhat in performing and my spirituality feels that way as well. I don't like a lot of rules and boundaries so I really enjoy playing and writing all kinds of music. I can perform spontaneous Space Music at the drop of a hat to wrap around one of my guided visualizations and draw people into the outer realms for healing and relaxation or play this same type of music and shape shift with the dolphins and whales and guide them away from the BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. I had Full Moon music Circles to do that for about a year. The animals really love this stuff too.


After an afternoon of teaching classes at the Wise Woman's Festival or for some rally for Gay Pride or other Human Rights causes, I will gather up my Blues Sisters and we will tear up the place rockin' and jamming til midnight and beyond with hi-energy rock, blues,world, funk and jazz so that we can all kick it hard and dance like dervishes to shake off the funk that can gather on us!

. Because I am a Priestess and another Blues Sister Omi Aladora Ajamu are both longtime Priestesses of our own cultures, the music we create  is absolutely elevating and engages all 7 chakras. The other regular Blues Sisters such as Pandora, Denise and Alycin are all very spiritual women as well so we can all appreciate the energetic and healing magic of music.

I like to write music that is uplifting even if I have to share a difficult subject like Katrina, in my yet to be released song called N'awlins on my Mind. Here I started off with a mournful blues tune to describe the misery and rage and then turned it into a rap over Afro Cuban drumming and even a few rounds of the Spiritual "Wade in the Water",to bring in some of the many elements of African Music together honoring those lost. The song ends with a chant to Damballa Aweido the sacred ancestral serpent imploring  to retrieve these lost ones of the Diaspora.

"Don't Leave them all alone,Damballa take them home...Damballa Damballa Damballa Damballa Aweido " Each time I perform this one my body shakes and I know some of the lost are taken home.

Q. What does being an animal communicator involve? Are there any drawbacks to being able to communicate with animals?

I adore animals plain and simple and always have. Even when my practice did not involve animals specifically I did the occasional animal reading for my own animals sometimes as well as using my skills to find missing pets which is the hardest thing that I do. My Wise Woman's Tarot even has a section on Reading For Your Pets!

After working almost exclusively for people for about 18 years or so I began working with animals in earnest partly because my own animals were aging and needed a more alternative approach than ordinary veterinary medicine. I had certainly begun learning how to communicate with them more deeply as my Shepherd Luna became paraplegic and needed me to help her get around. Her story is also in The Wise Woman's Tarot.

The big shift was when the Vet told me that my dog Spirit, who was only 1 1/2 Years of age, would maybe live another couple of years at best due to a heart problem. First I freaked and then I got busy and found a remarkable woman, Kay Cornish Mann, who indeed was very skilled as an holistic animal healer, and she was an ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR. We hit it off and began working on Spirit and then some of my others  and in this process, I also became an Animal Communicator and my healing skills grew and were greatly enhanced by learning from my mentor. By the way Spirie, or as he came to be called, Bear, a more grounded name, lived to be 13 years old.

What I know now is that the animals communicate with us and each other all the time and that we can become part of the conversation and have a much richer relationship or we can miss that depth of connection when we assume that they are "just animals."

Listening is the big part of communicating with animals and it means first and foremost to "expect to hear from them." Our human chauvinism can keep us from knowing much more about their world which is quite beautiful and can teach us all a lot. This is true whether I am communicating with Daunte my tiger friend at EARS who didn't pop right up and visit last week because he was hurting and needed a homeopathic for arthritis or when I am listening to my own dog Happy when she gives me that look to tell me that one of her cats is at the back door.

Sometimes I literally hear their voice inside my head telling me things or they may shoot me a visual or an emotion or all three. Treating them with Flower Essences, Gem Elixirs or Homeopathics is a joy as they often show healing and progress immediately unlike humans who tend to put up more blocks.

It is so amazing to see Duke the tiger lapping up Arbor Garden Flower Essence from my dropper and thanking me with big tiger licks all over my hands, he is a doll, or when the monkeys take the Lithium Quartz Gem Elixir spritz that I make and take it in their little hands and rub themselves all over and then ask for more. Sometimes as with Duke, I have been able to pull animals off the edge of death because I can hear what they need when the vets have given up and this is so fulfilling.

I am putting the finishing touches on my book about animals; Lifetime Companions: Love Never Dies, which deals with holistic healing, my adventures with sanctuary and other animals as well as my own and most importantly, reincarnation and our pets.

How could there be any drawbacks to this except for the fact that one cannot always save them all.

Come to my BLOG on my site http://www.flashsilvermoon.com for many many wonderful tales of Animal Healing and Women's Spirituality too.

Q. Could you tell us a little bit about the Womanspirit Rising circle and why you created it?

Great question and good story too. It was April 1990 3 AM and I was awakened by some deep female voice telling me,"Flash you must gather the women!" OK, OK I grumbled when I wake up." No, now the voice commanded!" By this time my whole body trembled and shook. The Goddess Herself had a plan for me and I had best be up to the challenge.

I had organized many circles and events but nothing like what I was about to undertake. Between 3 and 6 AM I got an Astrological fix on the date July 10 1990,Full Moon in Capricorn with all the outer planets making an aspect to Mama Moon. the place, Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville Florida, and all but one of the Priestesses and co Priestesses. I wanted to create a Multi-Traditional Circle that wove together the many cultures of women on the planet, to activate all the Ancient Mothers, and so we did.

I figured that in order to have a really large circle cleansing the circle with fire and water would need a fire and water witch in each of the 4 directions to work simultaneously clockwise covering their quadrant so that  cleansing would not take the whole day. This also spread the power around and got more women involved and worked perfectly.

Without any big publicity in the papers or on line we manifested over 350 women of every age and style in this small college town with a simple black and white flier. Clearly the Goddess knew that it was time to empty the Broom Closet and activate the Divine Feminine. I also created a portion of the circle called The Ancient Mothers Speak and asked some 13 women to come dressed to represent as many different Goddesses and speak a few lines that I had written and it was absolutely stunning.

I had my friend Bahira, the Jew Witch and eclectic mix of Buddhism and New Age to call in the East, I covered the South as a Dianic Priestess, Georg Suzuki, Shaman of Native American and Japanese origin called in the West and I wanted an African Priestess to bring in the North but I didn't know any.

This piece seemed most important and fortunately another friend told me that some Yoruba Priests had recently moved to town. I called the Babalosa and he referred me to Ayoka, the most serene being that I think I have ever met. She is a Priest of Yemonja, the Yoruba [Nigerian] Orisha [Goddess] of the Ocean and the Moon. She agreed to be the Priestess of the North and also call in the Ancestors and our group was complete.

Typically when you create an event you wind up waiting around for all the latecomers but not this event. The 4 of us Priestesses couldn't even find a good parking spot 1/2 hr before Womanspirit Rising so we were high to start. I do believe this first  Circle was the most powerful that I have ever experienced and that is saying something.

Q. Your Wisewoman's Tarot is a well-known and respected tarot; could you tell us about how you created it and your inspirations? Other than the Wisewoman's Tarot, do you have a favourite tarot set?


Wow, The Wise Woman's Tarot was a huge process and took me a mere 25 years. I did not originally plan on creating a new deck and book rather I thought that I was creating a good "How to book" that my many students had requested. There was this one renegade page called Visions for a New Deck and that little imperialist took over the entire project! Let me say contrary to Amazon.com,, The Wise Woman's Tarot is not out of print and is very available through my website.

As I have stated before, I tend to listen to Spirit for my instructions and follow them when so directed and such was the case with TWWT.  I started when I was around 26, a Maiden, and she was published on Oct 31 2002. I had worked with and taught the Tarot for some 6 years before beginning this project which actually turned out to be a life-work.

Because I have deep respect for the Tarot as a body of esoteric knowledge, I didn't want to just slap a feminist wash over the cards or repeat what anyone else had done so I researched Global Goddess herstory for 15 years.

My process with choosing which Goddesses, Gods and Heroines to match with certain cards was a total intuitive process. I did not say to myself, let's find a Native American for the 4 of wands or an Egyptian for the Universe[my card for the World] rather I allowed thousands of years of myth and herstory to wash over me til the right match bubbled up to take its rightful place in the Major or Minor Arcana. I wanted for this deck to make a space for all cultures at the metaphysical table and particularly to reveal the fact that the Goddess, Matriarchy and even Amazonism was a worldwide phenomena just as Patriarchy is today.[hopefully not for long though]

This journey does not represent a desire on my part to live in the past but rather to update the Tarot, take it out of the Middle Ages, to give images that all races can relate, and to honor the Divine Feminine in all her glory. Some of the male deities that I show are pre patriarchal to offer a better male image and some are some of the good old bad boys of patriarchal culture like Rama.

I offer images of very familiar Goddesses like Isis, Kwan Yin, Hecate and White Buffalo Woman, Amateratsu the Sun Goddess that is still worshipped to this day by the Shinto of Japan orlesser known deities like Perchta from Germany, Sabulana from South Africa, Bochica from Colombia, Oshun from Nigeria, or Thorgerd from Iceland.

Something deep inside me pushed me onward through this seemingly never ending process of finding all the Goddesses and others to create this deck and then finding the right illustrator was quite a challenge but as you can see, Barbara Vogel perfectly executed my designs and text rendering a vibrant, potent and exquisite tribute to all these Ancient Ones. I wanted the images to be as powerful as the text and I believe she delivered just that. As I began using the  first  photos of the images in order to be able to finish  my  writing about this deck I discovered that  one of the main differences in using my deck was that it connected me to Ancestral energies, past life energies as well as deepened my understanding of the Tarot itself.

Seeing all these images spring to life and being able to wrap my words around them was absolutely thrilling and totally inspired me to bring this baby out of the womb and into the world. This could have not been accomplished without the  support and  publishing by Tara Silverfox who midwifed this labor of love into manifestation.

It was Tara's idea to give the book a spiral binding allowing it to be very user friendly and many other details that were beyond my energy at the end of this project. Tara also had the idea to have our own pouches created to hold the book and deck rather than putting  many dollars into plastic and cardboard packaging that would only grace the landfills. We also wanted the money to make these bags to go to women.

Having lived in Afghanistan for many years Tara knew of a women's artist collective called Parsa who had survived under most extreme conditions and we agreed to give them the job and they created the most gorgeous hand made ,hand dyed silk pouches. It felt so good to put the consciousness of TWWT into manifestation supporting women from around the world.

As far as other decks, I have enjoyed using The Secret Dakini Oracle, The Medicine Cards and the old standard Rider Waite Smith Deck. I add the word Smith to this deck as it was illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith who rarely gets the credit that she deserves.


Q. What are you working on at the moment?

 I have quite a few projects simmering on the back front and side burners. I am doing more work at the Animal Sanctuaries lately. I will be working on a video to illustrate the many forms of holistic health care that can help the animals lead happier and healthier lives and not be bound only to drugs, in particular the primate and big cat sanctuaries. Love this picture of me treating Sultan at EARS.

Some of my students are making a Documentary about my life and I am about to produce more recorded music both of the Space Music variety as well as  my Hi energy rock n blues music.I am hoping to be able to record some music specifically for the animals too.

I am seeking publishers for several books that are almost complete and are being finished as we speak.

Lifetime Companions : Love Never Dies about my work with the animals.

Flash Silvermoon's Planetary Playbook and CD's

This is a good and progressive astrology book coupled with a series of Astrological Visualizations, Meditations and Rituals for the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

These guided visualizations will  be recorded with my multi keyboard/percussion Space Music to help each journey elevate and flow. The book needs to be re edited and I need to record the CDs for this to be complete.


 Temple of Isis -This is my channeled remembrance of my life as one of the Priestesses Of Isis in the Temple of the Bells in Egypt




Flashbacks - In process -My autobiography which highlights those fabulous 60's and 70's as well as my later years from a Woman Identified perspective - lots of fun to read and write. Tales from my well spent youth and the wise woman that I have become.


I would really love to work with Oprah Winfrey about raising consciousness around the lives of animals particularly how to communicate with them and understand how they can and do reincarnate so that all animal lovers can be relieved of some of the grief of loss..


So..... this was quite a project but as you can see  my plate is kind of full and





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