Apr 1, 2014

Moonhaven Mystery School New Class

New One Day Workshop Sat Nov.7  I to 4:30 pm

 Are you looking for a class with an intimate group of  women where you can grow  spiritually and empower yourselves to take that next step in your growth, Now is the time and Moonhaven is the place!

New One Day Workshop  call to secure your place and help create this wonderful circle of women at Moonhaven in Melrose

 Earth Magic and Psychic Development

This will be an Intensive to go more deeply into some of the subjects listed below. We will be doing some of our work outdoors so we will feel all the high energies that are so abundant here. See more about the subjects below and you can also help choose subject preferences

Call Flash Silvermoon  (352) 475-2432 To Enroll Now and for more details and easy directions.  7603 ne 221 st Melrose Fl 32666 20 min east of Gville

flashsilvermoon@gmail.com   Fee will be a mere $62 ideally paid in full in advance  A few trades are possible and we can discuss before hand.           Please reserve your space now

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* Earth-Keeping
* Magic and Ritual of various traditions
* Making and creating Sacred Grids
* Stone and Crystal Healing and Gem Elixirs
* Psychic Development and Divination through the Tarot, , , Dowsing Rods, the Pendulum and more

We are all experiencing a tremendous down-loading of new energy and vibrations and Moonhaven is just the place to help you adjust and connect with sisters who are of like mind and will share and enhance your opening.

Flash Silvermoon is welcoming female students who would be interested in learning about Earth Magic and Psychic Development from a Goddess / Woman-Centered Perspective.

This will be an intimate and cohesive group of dedicated women who will learn in a very hands-on way about:

* Past Life Regression               
* Animal Communication.
* Astrology
* Flower Essence Therapy and Aromatherapy
* Creating Altars and Feng Shui
* Shamanic Musical Journeying and much much more!

This work will be presented in a "Living Style" ie you will be a part of it and learn how to make the magic part of your daily routine, like a second skin, a place of serenity  and a way of life.

As many of our Elders pass on it is the job of those who are left to pass on these Ancient and Modern Traditions so that they will not be lost through the sands of time.

If you feel your heart and spirit being drawn to this work please get in touch with Flash.

Mon classes TBA  7-9:30 PM tentative call for definite start and to add your preference for 4 consecutive Monday nights

New Class at  Moonhaven Mystery School of Earth Magic for Women with Flash Silvermoon  flashsilvermoon@gmail.com Melrose, Florida ( about 20-30 min. from Gainesville)Fee will be a mere $75 ideally paid in full in advance or by the first evening. A few trades are possible and we can discuss before hand.Please reserve your space now

Groups will meet on 4 consecutive Monday nights from 7-9:30 PM at her Sacred Sanctuary of Moonhaven in Melrose, Florida (near Gainesville)

For those who want to seriously pursue your Spiritual Education,  attend 3- 4 week series of classes and on the 13th week we will have a Ceremony of Graduation Honoring you into the Apprentice Level. You can also just commit month to month.For those who have been students and want to complete class to the Apprentice Level this is possible too.

Watch for starting dates here on my BLOG and on Facebook and Twitter

Together we will choose from the above teachings to fill 4 weeks and then we can reconfirm to do another 4 weeks if we choose to cover more or deepen the studies that we do choose.

Groups will meet once a week unless we decide on rare occasion to do a weekend intensive and then we won't meet again for another week.. This will be a most exciting group and as many of you know, the Sacred Alchemy will create even more than we can imagine...so dream big!!


Contact Flash for more info. 

* The Wise Woman's Tarot - http://flashsilvermoon.com *
* What The Animals Tell me -






  1. Jennifer Watson says:

    Sign me up for your next class.
    June 25th-July 16th

    Can't wait!!!!!!

    • Yeah at last looking forward to seeing you. You know we are having Solstice here on Wed night thnking maybe to do part in the pool 6pm potluck 7pm circle hope you can come also are any of your group coming? Big Hugz Love Flash

  2. By The FLASH Light & Silvery Moon..
    We Are Humbly Honored To Answer )H(OUR Call Of The Divine Feminine!


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