Nov 21, 2014

Lifetime Companions:Love Never Dies


By Flash Silvermoon                     OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


This book has been patiently simmering on the back burner of my psyche for at least 15 years and I can feel it demanding space and time for its birth.
What was once a gentle nudge, has become a tidal wave of energy and emotion desiring expression?
My animal family has both blessed me with the most profound love and inspiration and some of the deepest pain. I cannot begin to imagine what my life would be without the animals.
Some people hear the word "animal" and see them as subhuman, less than, while some religious groups categorize animals as "soulless." This could not be further from the truth as anyone who has ever loved an animal can tell you!
Animals are enlightened beings, angels in fur- coats.[or winged and scaled] They are truly "Soul-Full." Like humans, I find that some are more and less evolved spiritually,intellectually,and emotionally and all of them rise to the level that we allow by being open and expecting that level of spirit and wisdom.
In this book, I will share my personal experiences with my animal family past, and present as well as some of the many animals that I have had the privilege to work with as an Animal Communicator.
One of my motivations for writing this book is to honor the spirits of my beloved animal friends. My other reason for embarking on this journey is to help ease the pain of the tremendous loss that we animal lovers feel when one of our nearest and dearest members of our furry family passes.
I don't pretend to be able to detach from the deep loss that I feel when one of mine leaves this earth, however, I am comforted by the knowledge that some of these animals do return, reincarnate into their families again and again especially when one is able to communicate this desire and it is in the "spiritual game-plan" of the animal.
For some of you this concept may seem far-fetched and outlandish while for others it will resonate deeply and give you solace. It is for the latter that I dedicate this work.
I have always believed in reincarnation and have always loved animals, revering them as spiritual beings that are at least as evolved as humans. Still, I came to the understanding that animals can and do reincarnate relatively recently; about 18 years ago.
I had only hoped that I would maintain the deep connection that I shared with my dogs and cats when they passed knowing that love is eternal yet I had not yet fully grasped the potential of those words until I met my puppy Tonka. That relationship proved these concepts beyond the shadow of a doubt, beyond
conjecture and belief that our beloved animals can return to us in another form. Not only can our animals do this, but they long to return to homes and families where they were loved. I have no opinion as to whether animals need always return as animals, however I have witnessed that they can change species.[more on that later][speak about China]
To clarify a point, all beings, be they animals or otherwise do not always reincarnate and find their way back to you simply because you want them.
Their return must be for their highest good as well as yours.
From my observations, this process is not at all simplistic i.e. one animal passes and immediately is reborn into a similar body,specie,personality etc. This can be true but not always.
What I can say is that there is nothing more heartwarming than looking into the eyes of your beloved friend when you finally meet again!
The new animal may not resemble the departed but you will recognize them if you open your heart and mind to the possibility.
Are you willing to approach this possibility? Are you willing to walk that Rainbow Bridge into the magical, mystical world of the Fifth Dimension, the place where the miraculous can unfold..if you believe?

Spirit is clearly telling me in every way that if I am to write about the Fifth Dimension, then I must also live it. As I write, I am daily given opportunities of how to live more attuned to this space and it is one of profound peace.











This is not the remixed and remastered version of retro hits from the '60's band. However the seeds of this consciousness were no doubt planted and nurtured during that decade of spirituaL Transformation.
The wonderful influx and infusion of Eastern culture during those times probably had a most transforming effect on the Westerners who hungered for a glimpse of Nirvana!
To understand and embrace the Fifth Dimension, one must open oneself to the world of the miraculous, the place beyond limitations of gravity, time and logic. A place where all things are possible. Because we are physical people living on the material plane, we must also negotiate a balance between these seemingly disparate paradigms.
Allowing this consciousness[5D], to anchor and become real is not with out risk but the rewards are enormous and have the potential to elevate the planet off of its dangerous collision course.
So what is the risk? When you open to the miraculous, you may appear foolish to those who only worship the god of logic and material reality. One can be accused of not being realistic or worse....insane when one clings to hope when only a minute margin for such exists. In fact, keeping hope alive in the face of deadening apathy, fear and repression is one of the most reasonable things that we can all do.
I do believe that we CO-create reality with our thoughts and this is most empowering because it puts change and transformation in our hands if we are willing to meet the challenge. When we align our wills with something more universal, positive and bigger than ourselves, we surrender the little I for something much better. It has been proven by scientific research that the vibration of many holding a single positive thought can be influential on a profound level. Leaders from the Dalai Lama to the Pope know this and harness the power of prayer and meditation to positively influence reality or rather one of the realities.
In his groundbreaking book about Magic of Water, DR Yamoto illustrates in graphic detail the effect of positive energy on water, showing microscopic pictures of water that has been abused and healed by sound/word and deed. If we can change a glass of water with positive thought and energy and we are made up of 90% water, then the obvious miraculous results for the human body, mind and spirit are inevitable.
This may seem like a tremendous leap of consciousness for some and a welcome possibility for others.
I invite you to join me on a journey that will be both joyful and profound. Hopefully you will find the experience transforming for you and the animals in your world.

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