Dec 9, 2013

Deep Communication with my horse buddy Bentley

By Flash Silvermoon  

Dec. 7, 2013 was the 42nd year anniversary of meeting  my dear partner Pandora. I had studied our charts for that day and the suggestion was to do something unusual. Figured that wouldn't be too hard for either of us as we are always sort of unusual. Since it was an 80 degree day and our newly cleaned pool was so inviting, we figured that 2 Crones suffering with various forms of inflammation could do worse than jumping into 60 degree water followed by hot showers on this gorgeous almost winter day. Yes a bit unusual but oh yeah, it worked  and we both felt exhilarated and ready to tackle the rest of our day refreshed

The day was wearing on and we thought we might say hello to a few tiger lion and bear friends at EARS as we would head right past it on the way to our special dining spot about an hour or so away. Unfortunately or not the gates were closed so we took ourselves down the road towards Belleview Pizza our new fave restaurant.We had become acquainted with this wonderful place while treating Abby Conder's precious mini horses after they had been horribly abused by some monster disguised as a man a year ago.


It occurred to me that a visit might be just the thing to make our day complete after a sumptuous Italian dinner .We called Abby from the road and she was up for a visit! Dinner was great and now it was time to share some healing energy with the horses and a bit for Abby too who was going through many big changes.


My connection to Abby and her horses began when I saw her on the news talking about the rape and brutalization of her Mini horses.. Although I did not know her, I felt compelled to call and see if I could help de stress those poor horses. Rarely do i ever feel so driven by anything that I see on the News but nothing would do that day, Jan 2 2013 but finding a way to help he horses that had been so brutalized. I remember  seeing local Anchor woman.animal lover and friend Paige Beck telling this sad story and trying to get any info she might have to help me connect with Abby.  I wasn't worried about any danger,whether I could effect change or anything. I was supposed to go help and fortunately Abby was not adverse to having an Animal Communicator and Healer offer her services. First thing when we got there that first day was to do some major protection so that this brutality could never happen again and after that day, it never did!
Nearly a year later, I do believe it was Bentley who put the psychic call to my horse hotline!

 Apparently my dear horse friend had his radar up and knew I was coming. Abby had tried to let him out into the yard and out of his stall maybe 2 or 3 hours before we arrived but he very uncharacteristically refused to go out. At which point, Abby asked him, "What's going on is Flash coming?" Kudos to Abby's intuition as we hadn't seen him since August and had had no plans until we called them en route. So, the magic was already flowing.
 Actually, I had been feeling Bentley's call for a couple of weeks as I have in the past when he needed to see me. He is the spokes horse from that herd and from the first day that I worked with him he was the one of all the horses who reached out to me and really told me so so much of what he witnessed.  I could feel his pain as being the stallion whose mares had been brutalized. He was so hurt and ashamed that he was not able to protect them..He was the last horse that I treated on that first day and his story so touched me . He was in worse shape emotionally than any of the horses including the mares who had been abused and raped! We had passed by his stall earlier and I looked in and saw this very miserable white stallion almost crumpled up against the wall and I wondered to myself what had happened to him? I was so glad that Abby asked me to work on him before we left. He was typically a very joyful happy horse and when I first saw him he was up against the corner of his stall looking severely depressed and had been disruptive and very angry with Abby who he adored since birth. She had  especially wanted me to work on him and the story he told me that day was so wracked with pain,grief and guilt. I had gotten the same kind of story from Chacchi, the black gelding who had witnessed the abuse of his love, Happy.   [pic of  Chacchi and Happy]
This was deep understanding for me about the psyche of the male horses who see themselves as protectors even though one was a stallion and one was not they carried this pain because the mares in their care were so totally wounded on their watch and I had to treat each of them with more flower essences,talk, hands on healing and gem elixirs than any of the girls to help pull them out of their grief and shame. By the time I was done, I got hugs and kisses from Bentley  and some of the others. Each of them as well as the mares were peaceful,happy and balanced.
I was elated that I could help them after another human[barely] would do them so cruelly..Ever after that day Bentley and I were not just friends but deeply psychically and emotionally connected. Sometimes he will come in a cloud of smoke [see below on the right] when I am cleansing our healing circles with sage and other herbs.[ this is a pic of Joy [to the left below] who adored the flower essences and gem elixirs and had been the most severely abused]                                                                                 
When Pandora and I first set foot in the barn today I could hear Bentley whinnying out his greeting from the back to me. It was so heartwarming that he would call and I called back to him. Yes this was clearly where we needed to be tonight. Abby met us and walked us down to Bentley's stall explaining about his reticence in going out to play earlier. She also told us of his new love relationship with Foxy. Foxy who isn't that friendly with humans loves her Bentley picking grass for him and passing it under the fence to him when he had none.The world of animals is so precious and dear and we could learn so much from them if we would only see that we are not their superiors but other spiritual beings ideally sharing this Earth together.

As we walked through the barn to our incredible white mini stallion, the other horses greeted us with neighs and whinnies and we  loved it feeling so accepted and loved. We promised each of them that we would return and bring them our energies and holistic medicines as well and we did.


When we finally got to Bentley's stall, I began to take out the flower essence, Arbor Garden by Green Hope Farm, and my own Flash Silvermoon's Lithium Gem Elixir. Typically, he would be right over nuzzling me and taking his drops and spritz but not this time. The more I offered  the further away he would go. I was puzzled for a minute and then I got the message clear as a bell from him,"First we talk and then you treat me, more important things to tell first", so being a teachable human I told him that I had gotten the message, sorry for being  too excited as a healer and that I very much wanted to know what was in his big heart.
 First thing, he shared was his concerns about men coming into Abby's life. He had been so traumatized by the last men around the place and he was finally feeling better and safe and he wanted to protect her. He wasn't saying new friends were bad but that he had to be sure that they were good for her and the whole place, He really stressed this point about how he would not let anyone stay who was like her now ex husband who had been so abusive to all of them. Abby heard the whole conversation and we both assured him that there would be no more bad men. He told her to go slowly and that he had to have approval before anything serious could begin and that was right in line with Abby's plans as well.

Then Bentley started showing me some images that he wanted me to share with Abby and fortunately she totally got what he meant. He showed me a coiled rope hanging from or by a fence post. Of course this meant nothing to me but to Abby, it was a great clue. She had seen one of the young ones running off toward the fields with a rope dangling off of her and she also saw how Bentley had already taken such a rope off another youngster to protect her from getting caught on anything. He was trying to tell her to protect the little ones by not letting them run around like that and she had already followed his lead so to speak.


Next, he showed me a lead rope hanging off the back of a tractor and again Abby placed the vision. She said that the young foals and colts would sometimes run behind the tractor in the corral,I  think it was and that she would stop that from happening as Bentley was right once again regarding safety. This was such a satisfying communication for me as he was showing me so clearly what he wanted to say and I could see why this was weighing heavy on his heart, so heavy that he refused the very healing medicines he loves. He takes his job as protector so seriously and he had to make sure that all on his watch were going to be safe.All this only made me love him more. I could feel my own heart swell at the knowledge that I had helped him unburden himself and that together we all made the farm safer for the other animals particularly the younger ones.I love doing healing work with all animals and I do have a big soft spot for the horses to be sure.
I was starting to be able to treat Bentley and he lapped up everything I gave him and literally basked in the Gem Elixirs smiling and sucking them up as they touched his pink lips. You could see his whole demeanor change from being hesitant and even distant to me, his hugging buddy, to joyful and even ecstatic.Then I could tell again that he had more to say. Each time I would say out loud, that he had more to say, he would whinny back or make some guttural kind of horse sound as if to say, "Yeah,that's right." This reminded me so much of my communication with my beloved dog Happy. and my now deceased mare, Chinamoon.  [see Chinamoon to the right]
The vision that he shared this time was of him pulling a surrey and then a small Conestoga Wagon filled with happy children. Abby connected with this too and said"Yeah that might be really good as he has really been bored lately." So cool because now he could have something for him to make his life better as well. More knowing connected glances towards me and Pandora who is getting many wonderful shots of us.Almost as an aside, he reminded me that Abby was to take extra special care of the white colts and foals especially his because they were sepcial and needed this treatment to keep them safe.. I had met these babies and could certainly feel what he meant.
Around this point, Bentley started to really reach out to Pandora as well,nuzzling her palm over and over in a circular motion and then let her rub his face gently. She was on cloud 9. As she told me this I remembered that a few visits ago she had played some gorgeous flute music to him when he was a little down in the dumps. He had to wait patiently to play with his mares that day who were in heat at the time. He had loved Pan's sweet music and remembered her generosity to him. Animals have incredible memories for all that they encounter and especially the kindness offered. It was just the sweetest visit and with more in the future. We were all so glad to have been able to share this special time.                               
The entire time I was talking with and treating Bentley with the flower essences and gem elixirs, Pandora was taking some wonderful pictures so that we could see what was happening between us. I must say that I have never had a deeper more consistant communication connection with any animal that I didn't share a home. Some of these pix grace the pages of this article. Here is the URL for the entire picture album on FB so you can see the whole journey for yourselves. 
Some of these pictures, you may notice, have orbs floating around. For some reason the pictures from this farm always have orbs in them. Just as I was about to leave his stall, Bentley grabbed my vest in his teeth and proceeded to pull on it purposefully. He told me that the monster who had hurt his friends was wearing something like my vest. Incredible, he was still on task trying to solve the heinous crimes.He wanted me to know and he was not going to stop biting my arm ,gently of course, til I got the picture. 
It was time to put this special day to rest. Our vibrations had risen ten fold and we could feel it as we drove home to our waiting critters who were in need of food and love now too. After we took care of them, we recollected our amazing day. As Pandora left to go feed her dog, I sang the first bar of Janis Joplin's Cry Baby and she repeated it back.This was the first sound that I had heard from Pan, then Nancy as she came up the stairs at the NYC Women's Liberation Center on Dec. 7, meet me, the woman who was answering the phones that day when she called to find women and consciousness raising groups. As the words of the song were wringing out, the call of a barred owl echoed our words hooting, followed by many more hooting owls.
No doubt, this is a mystical and loving relationship with the animal world right in the middle of it

Blessings Flash Silvermoon

All Pix were taken by Pandora Lightmoon

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  1. What a story! Loved reading it!

  2. I am so filled with emotions after reading this story. Recognizing how love energy is in all living things, it makes me feel so pleased that you are able to help these beloved little ones.

    Thanks for sending this to me. love,dorie

    • Thanks Dorie I felt a lot while writing he is such a little precious one and so glad I was able to help him and his herd it was hard to have to be in the energy that was left over but I was happy to do it. Saw the news on TV at 6am and I found her number and called her up and was working by 1pm. The energy that I give and get with the animals is so beautiful from Black Bears and tigers and horses dogs you name it. My book about this is coming together and what you read will be in it Love Flash

  3. When is your next Wisewoman Festival ? I'd love to come and lead some Goddess dances. I loved reading about your communication and healing work with animals. 404-217-4432

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