May 26, 2012

Flash Silvermoon Gem Elixirs and Magical Crystals

Flash Silvermoon New Gem Elixirs and Magical Stones and Crystals















So many amazing Healing Crystals,Lemurian Lasers, Amethyst Cathedrals, Feng Shui Supplies, gorgeous Spheres, Wonderful Altar Stones, Rose Quartz and I specialize in the hi vibration stones and the hard to find.
"Flash Silvermoon is a Master Stone Healer and can help you find the perfect stones and crystals to help you in any endeavor.If you don't see what you want just ask as it may well be here or can be gotten for you. [Flash Silvermoon giving a Crystal Healing] "
Flash always sells the best stones at the best prices and it's always a good thing to have someone who knows her rocks to help you in your healing journey.
Flash has created some incredibly well designed and energized pieces for her stone healing work and for sale called Power Tools that feature Chakra Healing Plates that can even be custom made just for your needs as well as enhanced  Lemurian Laser Wands. All you have to do is place them on the area that needs healing and you can quickly feel their potency as well as efficacy. Your own focused healing energies will of course enhance the process.
If you interested in learning more about the magic of the stone and crystal world, Flash holds classes on this very subject at her Moonhaven Mystery School of Earth Sciences. [see post for Mystery School on Homepage]

If you are interested in having a Crystal and stone Healing with Flash Silvermoon, see her Services section on this site.




See these gorgeous Golden Lemurian Lasers


These pictures are not even the tip of the iceberg of her
amazing stones and crystals available for sale at  Moonhaven Magical Stones and Things

NEW!! FLASH SILVERMOON GEM ELIXIRS NOW AVAILABLE  Only$15   2 oz spritz bottle see the Moonmarket section and scroll down on products to purchase and email me at flashsilvermoon@gmail to ell me which Elixir that you want all are $15
Here is a picture of the Shift Cooking
This is The Shift Gem Elixir cooking to help us all adjust to the new  vibrations affecting the planet at this time. This is one of the most potent Elixirs yet and has had a great response amongst my students and clients. These are the  stones that  create The Shift!
The Shift Gem Elixir  by Flash Silvermoon @ Moonhaven
lg Lemurian generator,lg blue quartz,lg Lithium generator,lg celestite pt, green zincite, blue lace agate,aquamarine crystal in matrix quartz,Pietrasite,blue onyx
citrine w/ blue torumaline generator
lg honey stellar beam calcite north,chrysacolla East
the usual 13 from the res plus the usual lg points and the lg Lemurian cluster pointing from the west to east


Gem Elixirs are great for your animal companions too! Happy agrees. So do the monkeys at Junglefriends and EARS


 Other Flash Silvermoon Gem Elixirs
1.AURA CLEANSE - Clears out unwanted vibrations on the body,work place, and home. Don't bring it home with you! Big bonus is that these elixirs totally fly under the radar if needed and they have no smell for those who are allergic to smoke as a cleanser.
2.FIERY WALL OF PROTECTION - Strong protection for body, mind, spirit, and place
3.RAISE THE VIBE /.LEMURIA RISING - Elevation, Uplifting bringing the ancient Divine Consciousness forward  New Pleiadean download
4.LITHIUM QUARTZ - Deeply calming,relaxing, sedating, this one is a big hit with the Sanctuary animals I treat and you and yours will love it too major de- stresser
5.GOLDEN ARMOR - Divine Protection for the Spiritual Warriors, you know who you are!
6.WHITE BUFFALO WOMAN - She requested that I make this one to offer her Ancient Earth Wisdom
7.GRANDMOTHER TREE - made from the Grandmother Live Oak of Moonhaven for profound peace,fortitude and grounding. We need grounding now more than ever
8.PROFOUND GROUND -Reclaim your connection to the Earth this is now mixed with Grandmother Tree
9.THE SHIFT - The Elixir for the Now 2012-2013 and Beyond. This will greatly ease your transitions  2012 AND 2013 NOW AVAILABLE
10.APHRODITE /OPEN HEART - All you need is LOVE   Venus is Rising The heart is opening and Healing!    
11.PROSPERITY - Open the Gate for prosperity NEW AND POTENT
12 ISIS  UNVEILED - Lift the Veil to Ancient Mysteries
13.WONDROUS WATER - Healing powers of water
14. EARTH CHANGES -How to roll with it
15. DEEP PEACE - Serenity this one truly soothes those jangled nerves
16. THE BLISS WAVE - Ride the Wave of Bliss a much needed journey
NEW OPEN HEART - SAYS IT ALL here it is cooking


I am always making new ones and at times need to remake these so let me know in advance if you want a particular Elixir
Great for you and your animal companions too


  1. Interested in purchasing you elixir. Please send me information on how to purchase.
    Also interested in what you do to help others.

  2. Colette says:

    Very nice Flash! When I get a couple more clients I can shop here! They are in the works!

  3. Kathy Sachs says:

    I can vouch for Aura Cleanse. I need to stop buy and pick up more.

  4. Rainbow Serpent Woman Warrior says:

    Dear Ones,
    Love the combos and grids. Have some of the elixirs...want to order the rest for work. Will have to go downstairs and inventory what I have. Still hankering for some Lemurian lasers.
    Will order up when green frog skins get into my pocket.

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