Jan 2, 2012

New E-book Janis Joplin and Me 40 Years of Music and Magic

Janis Joplin and Me: 40 Years of Music and Magic

Musician and Shaman, Flash Silvermoon shares the never before told story of her deep connection with Janis Joplin in life and even more importantly, in death! After 40 years and many many fascinating phenomenal experiences, Flash knows that it is time to tell the real story about Janis' life and death!

If you have been wanting to hear more about Janis, the groundbreaking female artist who shook the male dominated rock world to its core....
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"Janis lifted the Veil for me and then pushed me through not only opening me to the blues but the entire spirit world!"

Read this excerpt

When I heard about what had happened to Janis my heart ached and my mind furiously  sought answers. The press said that there was no sign of foul play yet Janis was found dead around 1 AM that morning in the Landmark Hotel in LA with a broken nose and split lip clutching $4.50 which was change from a $5 dollar bill that she had paid to the desk clerk for a pack of cigarettes.
No drugs or paraphernalia were found in her room yet she died of a heroin OD complicated by large amounts of alcohol she had consumed earlier that night partying after the recording session for her new album,Pearl, at Barney's Beanery.


No foul play they said, and my mind is now less numbed by pain and I wonder how she could have a broken nose, split lip, no drugs or paraphernalia and not have met with foul play?

This was all that I knew about that fateful day until Janis herself started communicating with me and changed everything.

At the time,I had searched the papers and magazines for a more comprehensive view of what had happened to her because to me the tale circulating was full of holes. No one adequately addressed the fact that she had a broken nose and split lip.
I had done a lot of body-surfing back in the day and had come into the shore nose first without breaking my nose,so I know it takes a really strong direct impact to break a nose. The news claimed that she fell out of bed and hurt herself yet the only way that she could have possibly done such damage would be for her to levitate horizontally out of bed and fall flat on her face. This does not sound at all feasible or likely. We all know that anyone who is really wasted on drugs or alcohol would likely bounce and gently roll in a fall because they are more limp and out of control so I give the reporters an F for failing to pursue this conclusion better.
The fact that there were no drugs or paraphernalia in her room should have been questionable also but more explainable.

In an article written in Rolling Stone when Albert Grossman was contesting Janis' alleged suicide with the Insurance companies, it was suggested that the Coroner on board was known to be shady,for fixing papers and autopsies. He has since passed away so perhaps he can be more easily investigated now. There should be a new investigation of what really happened to Janis as her life was way too precious to be snuffed out without a damn good accounting!

There are many fascinating stories here so get your own copy now!

  1. I encourage you to read the book and draw your conclusions but I can tell you as she[Janis} described and in the earliest communication, showed me, this was no suicide and might even have been an an organized hit for one of 2 reasons. Blessings

  2. Flash, thanks so much for you horoscope reading. I haven't been able to grok horoscope well in this life, but appreciate the essay about what is happening. We all know the "times are achanging" fast and it's essential for mindful thinking folks to pay attention to what's going on. I like your line about creating new institutions. My friend Laurie has been wanting help in creating new settings for folks suffering from mental illness to get compassionate help, not drugs and bullshit, so we're working on that. One last thing: In 1966 or 67 I sat down next to a woman at Barney's Beanry with a Russian kind of hat on and began talking. Never in my life did I have the nerve to begin a conversation with anyone at a bar. Didn't like the places in the first place. And yes, it was Janis Joplin. Shy me hitting on Janis. Well it didn't last long as she was off to a studio and me left with the brief memory of a shining star in our lives. In peace, Sh'mal

    • Thanks Sh'mal glad you enjoyed the Astroflash. Janis was amazing in this life as well as beyond. I met her in the physical 2x and had a drink with her and went to her party which was all pretty interesting but after she passed the real connection began so interesting that you are the 2nd guy who has commented about her since I wrote the book and both of you mention the"hat" actually he had it for awhile and right after I completed the book I placed a pic of her on my ancestral altar with said hat, the only pic like that that I have!

  3. Agreed, this was NO suicide. Known, and felt it for years.

  4. I savored every word of your publication in regard to Janice Joplin and your connection with her. The most remarkable thing that stands out (besides the incredible story itself,) is that even though you wrote it first person, the author (you) had the energy of Janice herself !!!

    From all the documentaries, I have seen and the opportunities to experience her energy, it found it uncanny that although you wrote it, it might as well be her. The two of you definitely have a connection, like I've never seen, nor will I see again !!! Bravo Flash for sharing with us !!! ~ Robyn @ Brahms

    • Wow what a comment! I guess you did get the connection that we have and as you see it has been years. She may well influence me more than I know and very profoundly.She is definitely and ironically the being that nudged me over forward to the deep end of the psychic pool. Thanks for the kudos and understanding.